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Survivors Of An Abusive Relationship, Share Any Subtle Signs That A Partner Could Become Abusive

We want to hear about your experience.

When you first fall in love, people are generally on their best behavior. It's usually not until later in the relationship that abusers show their true colors.

Person sitting on the bed with their head in their hands and their partner sitting away from them

Your advice could help others if you're comfortable with sharing. So we want to know: Survivors of abuse, are there any subtle signs people should watch out for that their partner could become abusive?

Maybe you had to constantly walk on eggshells around your boyfriend because he would get irrationally angry at inconsequential things.

Person getting angry and yelling at their partner

Perhaps when you started dating, your girlfriend made you feel a bit guilty about hanging out with your friends, and she only grew more controlling and possessive over time.

Couple arguing at home

Or maybe your partner rushed you into moving in together. Maybe they pressured you into making a commitment you weren't quite ready for.

Couple facing away from each other on the couch

Whatever it is, we want to know. Survivors of abuse, tell us any subtle signs that a partner could become emotionally or physically abusive, and your submission could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. If you'd like to respond anonymously, you can do so here.