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    Here's What The New "West Side Story" Actors Look Like Compared To Their 1961 Counterparts

    Rita Moreno is lovely as ever.

    The new West Side Story is out, and y'all, I am OBSESSED! The dancing! The singing! The representation! I just can't get enough!

    So, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what the new characters look like compared to their 1961 counterparts:

    1. Natalie Wood as Maria (1961)

    Natalie leaning against a windowsill with lace curtains

    Rachel Zegler as Maria (2021)

    2. Richard Beymer as Tony (1961)

    Ansel Elgort as Tony (2021)

    3. George Chakiris as Bernardo (1961)

    George in an open dress shirt and an undershirt

    David Alvarez as Bernardo (2021)

    David standing in a scene with several men behind him

    4. Rita Moreno as Anita (1961)

    Rita dancing as Anita in a square-cut dress

    Ariana DeBose as Anita (2021)

    5. Russ Tamblyn as Riff (1961)

    Mike Faist as Riff (2021)

    6. Jose De Vega as Chino (1961)

    Josh Andrés Rivera as Chino (2021)

    Josh in a suit and eyeglasses

    7. And even though she's not playing Anita, Rita Moreno is back! This time, she's playing a new character, Valentina!

    Rita resting her head on her hand as she looks off-camera

    Who is your favorite West Side Story character? LMK in the comments below!