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    People Are Sharing Weird Rules They Had To Follow Growing Up, And I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

    "My mom demanded order in two places: her kitchen table and her car. Me and my three siblings had assigned seats for both."

    A while ago, we wrote up a Reddit thread about weird childhood rules. But there were so many people sharing their own in the comments, we just had to share theirs too! So, here are 16 of the wildest household rules from our audience:

    1. "When we were kids, my mom led us to believe that you couldn't buy anything from the store unless you had a coupon for it."

    "So when she would take us grocery shopping and we asked for junk food, she would say, 'We can't buy that because we don't have a coupon,' and that was the end of it. My mom is a genius."


    2. "We had to say 'stinky' instead of fart because my mom didn’t like the word. It was potty language, so much so that my cousins, sister, and I were banned from saying anything butt-related because it was SO funny to us."

    "As a result of the ban, my cousin created the word 'suna' (anus backwards), and we had a looooong summer of laughs without my mom catching on."


    3. "I was not allowed to wear black and red together because apparently that pairing of colors indicated witchcraft."


    4. "My mom would always make me pour boiling hot water on toothbrushes before first use. I thought this was a normal thing and didn’t give it a second thought until I was 24, and it suddenly dawned on me that not all people do this."


    5. "My dad wouldn’t let me watch Teletubbies because they never cleaned up their own messes."


    6. "I couldn’t say I love someone or something 'to death.' My mom just hates it and thinks it’s too morbid. It wasn’t really a rule that I could get in trouble for, but if she caught me saying it, you can bet I’d get a small lecture."


    7. "My mom demanded order in two places: her kitchen table and her car. Me and my three siblings had assigned seats for both. The only way you could move seats was if the sibling above you in age was not present for that meal or that car ride."


    8. "My dad is really particular about everything, and our house always looked like it belonged in a magazine. One of our chores was to 'rake' the carpet for perfect lines."

    "Didn't take too many sleepovers to figure out raking the carpet wasn't a normal part of straightening the house up."


    9. "My grandmother had all sorts of rules. No opening umbrellas in the house. No wearing hats in the house. No whistling in the house. All of these things summoned the devil, apparently."


    10. "I wasn't allowed to paint my nails red until I was 16 because it was a 'lady's color' (only for adults)."


    11. "My dad didn't allow any of my siblings or me to say, 'I'm bored.' If we did, he would give us a list of chores to do and then make us write down 10 things we can do for next time we're bored."


    12. "My dad is a rocker/metal head, and he would not allow any music he didn't like in our house."

    "When my grandma wanted to listed to her church music, he would not let her. When I was 10 and wanted to listen to Britney Spears, he said I could only do that in school or in my friends' homes where he wouldn't be around. He just didn't want to listen to any other music. To him, everything else was trash."


    13. "It was a rule in our house that my dad would always get the ends of bread loafs."

    "Whenever my parents brought a loaf of Italian bread home from the bakery, it was always missing the ends, or the 'butts' as my dad would call them. My sisters and I thought that’s how they were made until years later when we went shopping, and we realized my dad was the one taking the ends off to eat."


    14. "My mom had a rule whenever we had to take a flight: No part of your clothes can be black. Not even black prints were allowed."


    15. "I wasn’t allowed to say I didn’t want children or that I would never have children."


    16. "My parents didn't let me watch Wizards of Waverly Place until I was 8. They wanted me to be old enough to know that wizards aren't real."


    Did you have any weird childhood rules? Let me know in the comments below!