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    People Are Sharing Unrealistic Movie Moments That Annoy Them, And I Couldn’t Agree More

    "Women waking up in bed with a full face of makeup. I seriously want to know who makes those decisions."

    Recently, Reddit user UK-NeilPatel posed the question: "What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?" Here are some of the clichés that Hollywood needs to get rid of ASAP:

    1. "When people order food in a restaurant and then leave before it arrives. At least get it to go."

    2. "'Can you hack this super secure server?' *ten seconds of hitting random letter keys on the keyboard* 'I'm in.'"


    3. "Women waking up in bed with a full face of makeup. I'm talking winged eyeliner and lipstick. I seriously want to know who makes those decisions in the makeup department, smh."


    4. "Doctors doing everything in medical settings. Scanning the patient, setting up IVs, interpreting brain MRIs. Nurses who? Radiographers what?"


    5. "Women in fight scenes with their hair down. Girl, tie it back. I know you can't see shit."


    6. "Good guy jumps behind some furniture. The bad guys unload 1,000 rounds into it, and none of them go through. What the fuck is that couch made of!?"


    7. "Mom has prepared a feast that could feed half the neighborhood, but it's only for her two small children and her husband, who is already late for work and takes a single piece of toast on his way out the door."


    8. "A part-time waitress or administrative assistant sure as shit isn't affording a beautiful two-bedroom apartment alone in any major city. Or you get the family where only the father works at an okay 9–5 but is somehow able to afford a $1.5 million house in California and raise four kids on a single income. I want to live in that world."


    9. "Post-apocalyptic women with clean shaven underarms."


    10. "College professor here. Pet peeves about how college is depicted: Professors are all living in giant 6,000 square foot houses, even if they teach literature or sociology. Professors strolling down the quad with a leather courier bag worth a month's pay, for some reason always eating an apple. NO FUCKING TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM."


    11. "Women in sex scenes always wearing matching bra and panties."


    12. "Fight scenes with multiple attackers. They're all so polite, waiting for their friends to get their asses kicked before engaging. In reality, you get jumped by everyone at the same time."


    13. "After sex scenes, women cover themselves with the sheets up to the neck while men are uncovered and wearing boxers. Or women getting out of bed and dragging a sheet covering their chest to walk around."


    14. "Ten trained soldiers with automatic weapons, a couple of snipers, and a helicopter gunship are all shooting at the fleeing heroes. The only thing they manage to hit is the ground just behind their feet."


    15. "People yanking their IV away from their arm. That will tear up your vein and fuck you up."


    16. "Action movies where the good guy's car gets rammed or gets in a bad wreck, and it's still driveable, and the airbag doesn't deploy."


    17. "Someone being hit in the head, losing consciousness, and two minutes later getting up as if nothing happened."

    Which unrealistic movie moments irritate you to no end? Let us know in the comments below!