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    "The Golden Girls" Is Being Reimagined With A Glamorous All-Black Cast, And This Is What I Needed To Hear Today

    Finally, some good news in 2020!

    Unless you live under a freaking rock, you've heard of The Golden Girls. You know, the show starring national treasure Betty White.

    The original cast of the Golden Girls

    The beloved sitcom is now getting a makeover from some of our favorite actors, including Tracee Ellis Ross!

    Tracee Ellis Ross wearing dark makeup and a top with sequins

    Tracee posted this cute video on Instagram: We're looking at a pic of the OG cast, then bam! The heads of the new all-Black cast are photoshopped right onto the older women's bodies.

    Based on Tracee's post, it looks like she'll be playing Rose —my personal favorite!

    Tracee Ellis Ross and Rose from Golden Girls

    It seems like Regina King will be playing the ever-sassy Dorothy.

    Regina King and Dorothy from Golden Girls

    Alfre Woodard looks like she'll take over the role of traditional Sophia.

    Alfre Woodard and Sophia from Golden Girls

    And it appears Sanaa Lathan will be our new lovable Blanche!

    Sanaa Lathan and Blanche from Golden Girls

    According to the registration page, the first episode will be "spotlighting and supporting Color of Change – the nation's largest online racial justice organization," and I'm here for it!

    The new cast of Golden Girls photoshopped on the old cast's bodies

    The first episode airs tonight on Zoom at 6 p.m. PT. You can watch for free by signing up here.