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People Are Sharing Things That Should Be Illegal, And There Are No Lies Detected

"Bringing children into bars. We're here to deal with our own problems, not listen to yours."

You know that feeling where something annoys you SO MUCH that you wish it were banned forever?

Well, Reddit user u/Xanduh recently posed the question, "What do you wish was illegal?" And there were so many great responses! Here are some of the most relatable ones:

1. "Convenience fees for online ticket purchases. Why am I getting charged for saving on paper, ink, and everyone's time?"


2. "Family YouTube channels."


"I think it should be illegal for parents to use their kids in any type of monetized content. I’ve seen many family vloggers/Instagram moms using their kids to make money from ads. Bet the kids don’t see any of that money."


3. "Child beauty pageants."


"That stuff's just really weird, and it puts a lot of stress on the children. And it attracts some wrong people."


Young girls wearing makeup and dresses with an announcer talking behind them

4. "Commercials that are louder than the show you're watching."


5. "Playing music on your phone’s speaker or via a Bluetooth speaker while in an inappropriate public place like on the bus or walking down the sidewalk."


6. "Standing right behind a person in a line."


Line of people closely standing next to each other

7. "Bots buying tickets and up-charging the shit out of the price."


"Took me six and a half months to get an Xbox Series X because scalper bots bought them all seconds after they resupplied."


8. "Unskippable YouTube ads."


9. "Holding your cellphone up during a concert. The people behind you want to see the stage, too, ya selfish ass wad."


Person holding up their phone at a concert

10. "Companies can keep taking money from you until you explicitly request cancellation, even if you haven't used their service. What an absurd thing to be capable of."


"And companies that make it impossible for you to cancel whatever subscription you have with them. Incredibly frustrating."


11. "Bringing children into bars. We're here to deal with our own problems, not listen to yours."


12. "Not moving to single file when someone's trying to get past on the sidewalk."


People standing horizontally across a sidewalk

13. "Telemarketing should be banned. I hate it when I get a random call about some bullshit."


14. "Unpaid internships where companies take advantage of college students under the guise of work experience to put on your résumé."


15. "Flying flags of any kind from your vehicle. It's a distraction and obstructs your view."


Car with two massive American flags

16. "Airlines overbooking flights."


17. "Refunds taking more than three days to appear. If they can demand to get money from me on hours' notice, then I should be able to demand my cash back as fast as possible."


18. "Not posting salaries in job descriptions."


19. And finally, "Revving your cars and motorcycles loudly, looking for attention because you are that desperate to be noticed by anyone."


Person on a motorcycle

What are some things you think should be illegal? LMK in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.