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    Non-Americans Are Sharing Things That Confuse Americans, And It's Eye-Opening

    "That commercials for prescription drugs on television are so wrong."

    As Americans, I think we often forget that the rest of the world has a different (and sometimes better!) way of doing things.

    This week, Reddit user u/Khanaerih posed the question, "What's something normal the rest of the world does that Americans are confused by?" Here are some of the most interesting responses:

    1. "Many Americans are confused by the fact that other places have police forces that are largely unarmed."

    "Guns are something that many Americans make a big deal about owning, but don't spend enough time learning how to handle them safely. Or even teaching the police forces how to handle them safely and accurately."


    "That 'active shooter drills' AREN'T normal, and your kids' mental and physical health SHOULD be more important than your need to cosplay a soldier and play tough."


    2. "Tax already included in prices."


    "I feel like having the price tag reading $10 and being told at the register that the item costs more due to tax is basically false advertising."


    3. "Keeping unwashed eggs at room temperature. Even after explaining why it works to my friends, they think it’s gross AF and unhygienic."


    Eggs in basket

    4. "Working to live, not living to work."


    "Compare the average days off an American gets in a year to most other countries."


    5. "College that is worth it."


    "I never understood the wild amounts you guys pay for university. I know like 5–10 people who paid for their degree. And it was like the amount you pay in the US for a year."


    6. "Not having sugar in everything to fuck up your diet."


    "I’m a Brit and had iced tea when I was in the South. It actually hurt my teeth, it was so sweet."


    Wooden spoon filled with sugar and sugar cubes

    7. "The metric system."


    "The cooking thing blows my mind. I've had arguments with Americans who are adamant that the spoon measures they use are better than just using a kitchen scale and the weight, which is objectively more accurate. And if you're baking, it really matters."


    8. "That commercials for prescription drugs on television are so wrong."


    9. "Measuring temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit."


    Thermometer in the sand

    10. "Voting on a Sunday/getting Election Day off work."


    11. "That bagged milk is not just a Canadian thing."


    12. "Not tipping in restaurants. US has a 15% supposedly voluntary tip. No offense to Americans, and I get that being in the service industry is hard, but the corporations really gotta pay those employees better instead of expecting us to cover for their livelihoods."


    Server carrying plates of food

    13. "Trusting people to cross the street without a crossing."


    14. "Day/month/year. Not month/day/year."


    "Smallest to biggest, simple."


    15. And finally, "Providing healthcare for their citizens."


    "Last month, I was picked up by an ambulance and brought to the hospital. Stayed for 11 days. All the services together cost me 130€. That's about the amount you spend on a good night out in this country. Can't understand why Americans tolerate such a scam system."


    "I live in Australia, and my poodle Elvis gets subsidized insulin for his diabetes. It's wild that my country values my puppy more than America values its tax-paying citizens."


    Doctor smiling at a patient

    TBH, I wouldn't mind implementing some of these here in the US! What do you think? LMK in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.