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    People Are Pointing Out Things That Were Completely Ruined By Idiots, And There Are No Lies Detected

    "There's so much trash in our orbit that the aliens probably lock their doors when they fly by."

    This week, Reddit user u/BoomerzDoomerz posed the question, "What was completely ruined by idiots?"

    And there were so many excellent responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. "Tourist attractions."


    "I have conflicted feelings about Hawai'i. We went there on our honeymoon and decided to go snorkeling in a bay. Halfway through, a local yelled, 'Don't stand on the coral, you assholes!' I felt so ashamed and wish I had researched a bit more before I went there as I had no idea (but probably with three minutes of research could have learned). Thinking back, I would be so pissed at someone like me just ignorantly desecrating what makes Hawai'i beautiful. Anyway, lesson learned. I'm sorry, Hawai'i."


    2. "Vaccines. Some idiot wrote a false paper and basically started the whole anti-vaxxer movement, which has allowed numerous deadly diseases to come back when they were almost extinct."


    "It’s alarming how many people seem to think that they are doctors on Facebook."


    3. "The respect for service animals. Please, please, PLEASE stop pretending your pet is a service animal."

    "And never ask to pet someone's service animal or even an obviously fake one in a service animal vest. It encourages bad behavior and makes life way harder for people who rely on their service animal for safety and freedom."


    "I used to manage a café in a major city, and the absolute fucking worst customers were those who would bring their emotional support animals in and throw a massive fit when we explained to them that they were not real service animals, and this was not allowed. Nothing would ruin my day more quickly than having one of these assholes scream in my face about how they were going to get their lawyer involved."


    4. "The internet. I remember the early days in the mid- to late '90s when the internet was anarchy and just a lot more fun — a way to learn about new things and communicate with people. No rules, not much money involved. There was an immense sense of freedom about it, which is sadly long gone now."


    5. "Hot tubs in water parks. I asked why they took them out. A worker told me it was because some people banged in them!"


    6. "Movie theaters. Turn off your phone and STFU!!"


    "Don’t bring your kindergartener to see Deadpool just because 'it’s a comic book movie.' And don’t be outraged at the venue when that comic book movie turned out to be inappropriate for a 5-year-old."


    "I went to 300, and some asshole brought their baby. That baby screamed through the entire movie."


    A person staring at their phone in a dark movie theater as other people who are trying to watch the film

    7. "The dating scene. The scene is infested with mindless people who seem to serve no purpose other than to waste others' time."


    "Dating apps really ruined it. I finally met my fiancé at 38 after a decade of looking. It’s hard out there."


    8. "Air travel."


    "I have seen toddlers running around the whole place, going right through rows left and right, screaming, and the parents can't be bothered just to watch their child for a few hours. I've seen a toddler knock some poor dude's boiling hot tea or coffee all over him."


    9. "Earth."


    "Rivers and lakes that once supported fish and wildlife with clean, drinkable water are now polluted — their natural beauty and habitats destroyed by humans."


    "There's so much trash in our orbit that the aliens probably lock their doors when they fly by. We’re the shitty neighborhood of the solar system."


    A shoreline filled with trash

    10. "Politics."


    "Everyone is a political expert, and anyone can be a political expert by simply adopting a certain tone and rudely shouting at the other person. Nothing to do with your actual knowledge."


    11. "Driving. What was once relaxing and fun has become a nightmare with the speeding and erratic/drunk driving these days."


    "I suspect cellphones are the biggest cause of the issue. I almost get into an accident daily because of some idiot changing lanes while texting or just swerving while distracted by texting."


    12. "Concerts. Put your fucking camera down and watch the show."


    13. "Game of Thrones, season 8."


    "On my list of 'Things That Make Me Sad,' this is pretty high. The series was awesomely done until it rotted like an old black banana."


    14. And finally, "Social media."


    "What ruined it was the make-money-at-all-costs attitude that has changed it to the detriment of its users in order to soak them for more cash."


    A person holding a phone with social media likes and thumbs up floating above

    Can you think of anything else that was ruined by idiots? Sound off in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.