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    People Are Calling Out Things People Take Way Too Seriously, And There Are No Lies Detected

    "Veganism. Calm down!"

    This week, Reddit user u/esco12 posed the question, "What do some people take WAY too seriously?"

    And there were sooo many great responses! Here are some of the ones that had me nodding my head in agreement:

    1. "Social media."


    "It’s gotten to the point where some in my social circle seem to think not only 'pics or it didn’t happen,' but also 'posts or you never thought it.' If you didn’t put a temporary frame around your profile pic, you’re callous to the latest tragedy. If you don’t repost the political statements they make, you must be with the other guy."


    2. "Their jobs. I don't understand being proud about having no life outside of work and pulling lots of overtime. My job supports my life, not the other way around!"


    "Working yourself to death or having no work-life balance isn't a virtue."


    3. "What celebrities are doing."


    "This. I really don't understand this obsession with knowing about every single thing that Kim Kardashian did last night."


    Kim Kardashian smiling

    4. "Youth sports. My son has played travel basketball, baseball, and football for the last 10 years. I've seen fights, near riots, arguments, coaches get thrown out, players get thrown out, police called, guns pulled, and most anything else you can imagine."


    "The amount of parents who shit-talk kids for not being good is disgusting. I've started sitting away from the other parents because of how vile they can be. They act like their kid is an extension of themselves, and it makes up for having a shit personality."


    5. "Other people’s opinions about what you should do with your life. People are going to talk shit anyways, so let them, and do whatever makes you happy."


    6. "Weddings. So many couples spend tens of thousands on a wedding ceremony and are then in debt for years."


    Bride and groom holding hands at wedding

    7. "Opinions on films/TV shows that are contradictory to their own. Who the fuck cares if someone hates Marvel?"


    8. "Zodiac signs."


    "When you tell them what your sign is, they’re automatically making assumptions about who you are instead of just getting to know you."


    9. "Disney. An international multi-billion dollar company who has rooms of people whose job it is to make sure you feel emotionally attached to their product. But some people make it their whole personality. It's beyond too seriously; it's their whole lives."


    Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

    10. "Veganism. Calm down!"


    11. "Android vs iOS. I have nothing against Apple, but I find their fanboys insufferable. I have a few friends who use an iPhone, and they use every opportunity to shit on my Android phone. It's a piece of technology, not a religion or cult."

    "People should just use whatever the fuck they want and what works for them."


    12. "Food. There are some people I hate eating round or even discussing food with because they will bitch about how it's not traditional. Or 'you haven't had x food unless you've been to Japan, Italy, etc.' Shut up and let me eat my pasta!"


    Woman putting pasta on her fork

    13. "Losing their virginity. People are obsessed with losing it early."


    14. "Coffee. It’s just a drink."


    15. And finally, "Texting. 'A late response can mean you are playing hard to get, don't care, or actually care but waiting to not seem desperate.' WTF? I just went to take a shit and missed your message."


    Man texting on his phone

    What do you think people take way too seriously? Sound off in the comments below!

    Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.