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    Non-Americans Are Sharing Things They Love About The US, And I Feel Grateful To Be An American

    "Most people are super helpful and friendly."

    We all know that the United States has a LOT of progress to be made. But that doesn't mean there aren't some great things about this country!

    So, we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community, "Non-Americans, what do you actually like about the US?" Here are some of the responses that made me feel grateful and proud:

    1. "Most people are super helpful and friendly."

    "One time, I was in upstate New York, trying to call a friend to come pick me up, and my British cell didn’t work. A man stopped to check if I was okay and lent me his, an act of kindness I’ll never forget."


    "I love that when I go to a store, the employees usually greet me and even attempt small talk, and that usually makes my day! And people will compliment others out of nowhere, and I love it. Just something I never thought of doing."


    2. "Absolutely stunning landscapes and scenery."


    "America has amazing landscapes! And to Europeans, even places Americans would typically characterize as boring can be interesting. We’ve seen so much of America in movies that even a drive through Kansas feels like weird déjà vu. 'Wow, it actually IS like that.'"


    3. "Accessibility, especially for people with a disability or other mobility issues. The large parking spaces, ramps, or leveled-out floors in so many places, and wheelchair accessible rides at amusement parks."

    "Even a lift at the swimming pool, where a person can enter the pool from their wheelchair."


    Man in a wheelchair

    4. "The broad variety of different cuisines. Also, food trucks."


    "Thanksgiving food rules."


    5. "All the good TV shows and films that were created in the US! And the music too!"


    6. "NASA. You guys put a man on the freaking moon. How cool is that?!"


    Astronaut on the moon

    7. "The number one thing for me is the excellent customer service across the board. The majority of companies really care about their product/service and listen to concerns."


    8. "The houses/interior design! I was born and raised in the UK but live in the US for my career in architecture and interior design. As much as I love my home country, most houses are hundreds of years old, and interior design isn’t great, unless you live in a city."


    9. "Free soda refills!"


    Sodas on a table

    10. "Doggy bags (to-go boxes/bags for leftovers at restaurants). Why don't they do that everywhere?"


    11. "I find that the big box stores in the US tend to have more and better things — especially nerd and pop culture stuff."


    12. "The variety of landscapes and topography that you can find within the country. I live in Florida, so when I went to California, specifically Yosemite, for the first time, it was like stepping onto another planet."


    Yosemite Park with mountains, trees, and a deer by the water

    13. "Innovation combined with environmentalism. Tesla, anyone?"


    14. "Couponing. I'd be the queen of that."


    15. "Right on red. The best traffic rule that I am going to miss so much when I leave."


    Red traffic light

    16. "Salad menus in restaurants. They are like a main meal, and there's so much choice. Servers always ask if you want any changes to it."


    17. And finally, "I like how people are more prone not to judge. There're so many people in the US, in so many ways and lifestyles. Being exposed to that diversity makes Americans less judgy and more indifferent to differences."


    What do you love about the US? Sound off in the comments below!