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    Women Are Pointing Out Things About Our Bodies That Men Just Don't Understand, And You Know What? They're Right

    "The race against time when coming out of the shower when you are on your period."

    As a woman, I know all too well that there's a lot of stuff about us that men just don't get.

    Well, Reddit user u/Somecohobutrn recently asked, "Girls of Reddit, what is the hardest thing to explain to males?"

    The thread quickly went viral with over 13,000 comments! Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "How a position or motion during sex can feel good one moment and then hurt the next moment. Shit shifts around."


    "Different times of the month, too! The cervix drops as women get closer to their period."


    2. "The fact that a pad sticks to the UNDIES, not the COOCHIES."


    3. "The race against time when coming out of the shower when you are on your period."


    4. "There is quite literally nothing sexually stimulating about inserting a tampon."


    "And pulling out a dry one is even worse. Shudders."


    a woman holding a tampon

    5. "That having sex for too long can be incredibly uncomfortable. We often don’t want to go for hours and doing so can cause lots of tears and soreness that isn’t wanted."


    6. "That hormonal birth control has a lot more influence on our lives than you might think. It affects our mood, weight, might cause depression…and still, nobody seems to care."


    7. "That period cramps CAN cause some women excruciating pain, especially when they have medical conditions like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, etc. I literally have to call in sick at work because I cannot stand up from the pain. Thank god my supervisors are women."


    8. "Unprovoked comments about our bodies do not make us feel good. As a girl with big boobs, friends and even relatives comment on it a lot. I try to explain that it embarrasses me, and I’m often met with confusion because it’s 'supposed to be a compliment.'"


    a woman with her arms folded

    9. "The sheer fear and possibilities of what could go wrong during childbirth. It’s a bit terrifying to me."


    10. "How much PMS actually affects us! And for me personally, it comes a week or two before my actual period begins. It’s soo stressful and super annoying to deal with."


    "I explain it as you get one week where you feel normal. It goes period week, normal week, horny week, and then PMS week. I say weeks, but of course everyone has slightly different cycle lengths, and also presuming normal cycles."


    11. "That having a C-section isn't the easy way out of giving birth. Sometimes it's life-saving to the mom and baby, and comments like that fuel postpartum depression."


    12. "Your vagina doesn't change with each sexual partner. It doesn't get bigger. And the 'roast beef' that men always use to describe women who have had 'too much sex' is just how some women's labia look naturally."

    "Our labia does not change based on our sexual experience. It is outside of the vaginal opening; there is no way for a penis to change it or stretch it. It's just there. Some women have smaller, some bigger, some pink, some brown, some uneven."


    Someone cutting into roast beef

    13. "The feeling of a huge period blood clot slowly sliming out and plopping right into a wet warm pad."


    "I call it giving birth to a jellyfish."


    "Even worse: sneezing. Your mouth isn't the ONLY thing sneezing."


    14. "When you fart, and it rolls up into your vagina. I call them fart rollups."


    15. "That foreplay is important, and 30 seconds of foreplay does not cut it!"


    16. "Boobs actually weigh quite a bit. I am on the bigger side, and I have a larger-than-average chest. Breasts can weigh quite a bit depending on how big they are and can cause serious back pain."


    17. "Gynecological care is a lot more than just pregnancies and delivering babies."


    18. "That I can be mad without it being 'that time of the month.'"


    19. "We don't automatically know how to raise/take care of children. We try hard and learn as we go, and sometimes, we get it wrong. If we can try, so can you. Also no, not all of us want to be mothers."


    20. And finally, "When I say, 'Just like that,' I do not mean go harder and faster."


    Two people having sex

    Now, I wanna hear the reverse! Men, can you think of anything that women don't seem to understand? LMK in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.