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    17 Socially Accepted Things That People Truly Cannot Stand

    "Telling people they need to hurry up and have children."

    We all have our pet peeves. Sure, the stuff that annoys us might be socially acceptable, but that doesn't mean it should be!

    Well, Reddit user u/zepairu recently posed the question: "What is socially accepted but totally disgusts you?"

    And the thread quickly went viral with nearly 17,000 comments! Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "The paparazzi! Imagine if you couldn’t leave your house without a group of strangers surrounding and following you, photographing, recording, yelling at, and harassing you."


    "I dislike how celebrities can’t take their children out without being photographed. I don’t think it’s fair to the children; they were born into it and didn’t have a choice."


    2. "Corporations buying up a ton of cheap or starter homes and renting them out. We're seeing this happen in a lot more places in the USA and Canada. A lot of people who work in my city can't afford to live in it. Even to rent is horribly expensive."


    "In that same vein, buying and destroying small businesses to build cheap 'luxury' apartments that then cost a crap load to rent."


    3. "Child beauty pageants."


    "Revolting. Sexualize a toddler by putting them in full makeup and teach them that they are valued and compete with others on the basis of how they look. What’s the harm in that? Ugh!"


    Five young girls in makeup and dresses in a beauty pageant with an announcer behind them

    4. "Creating waste. Food waste, plastic waste. People buying some supersize menu item and eating barely anything and throwing away the rest. People buying the cheapest shit to use once and throw away. Pure mindless consumerism."


    5. "People sharing EVERY aspect of their life on social media."


    "People that constantly post about how amazing their relationship/partner is usually have the worst relationships. I’ve yet to see one where they didn’t have a bunch of drama going on and eventually break up."


    6. "Adoring dog breeds that are bred to have features like a flat face or short legs that makes their life miserable. I just get sad whenever I see them."


    "We found a bulldog stray, and the poor thing has trouble breathing. We have to find out if she's fixed, but if she's not, I'm getting her spayed immediately. A lot of people say I should breed her, but fuck them. I'm not perpetuating bred birth defects that make animals suffer for our vanity."


    French bulldog sitting on a couch

    7. "Parents who make social media/YouTube accounts for their children."


    8. "Posting pictures of people without their consent."


    "This drove me nuts when Snapchat was at its peak. I would just be doing my thing at the pizza place I worked at, when one of the teens there would snap a picture of me and send it to people I don't even know. I blew up at one of the girls one day, and she couldn't even understand why it was so obnoxious."


    9. "When people lick their finger to count the money they're about to give you."


    Men exchanging money

    10. "Talking on speaker phone in public."


    "I hate these kind of people. Also the ones carrying a Bluetooth speaker."


    11. "Paper newspapers, advertisements, and credit card offers delivered by mail (unwanted). 99% of my mail is junk I don't want."


    12. "In the US, many people just walk into houses/apartments with their shoes on. When I lived in the States, I always felt like a dick having to tell people to take off their shoes when they walked into my apartment."


    People sitting on the couch with their shoes on

    13. "Telling people they need to hurry up and have children."


    "Are you gonna raise them or what?"


    14. "The fact that we essentially have no privacy anymore."


    15. "Throwing out perfectly edible goods at the end of the day because they weren't sold instead of giving them to homeless shelters."


    Rows of baked goods

    16. "Drinking culture. Specifically, grilling someone if they choose not to drink. Pregnant? Trying to get sober? New medication? Religion? Who cares, let them not drink in peace."


    17. And finally, "Hypersexualization of children. There is this huge push to make kids (especially girls) appear older and 'sexier.'"

    "More and more content with makeup and hair tutorials geared toward pre-pubescent girls, clothing that is totally inappropriate, and advertisements putting too much makeup on girls and posing them in subtly seductive poses."


    "It starts even as babies. I saw a picture with a onesie for boys saying, 'Lock up your daughters' and one for girls saying, 'Does this diaper make my butt look big?'"


    What is something socially accepted that you can't stand? LMK in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.