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    "SNL" Poked Fun At The Creation Of Man, And They Exposed Some Serious "Design Flaws" In Men

    "The nipples are to create the illusion of a giant face to scare off predators."

    Last night was the finale of the 46th season of SNL. And my favorite sketch of the night was definitely "Making Man," which included none other than Anya Taylor-Joy!


    A male team of angels was tasked with the creation of man. The female angels, who were responsible for making human women, decided to see what their fellow cherubs had come up with.


    The female angels explained the brilliance of women's bodies feeding their babies.


    They asked the purpose of men's nipples and were given the best answer I've heard yet.

    The male angels said men's "nipples are to create the illusion of a giant face to scare off predators"

    But the female angels offered an awesome suggestion! Unfortunately, they were totally ignored.


    So they tried to understand human man's anatomy a little better.

    They described the male reproductive organs as "the dangler and the wrinkle pouch"

    The female angels asked some fair questions...

    "What happens when the human man runs? Does it retract?"

    ...and exposed the male angels' obvious design flaw with human man.

    "What about the wrinkle pouch?" to which they respond "Oh that's extremely sensitive. If you flick it, they'll fall over and vomit"

    And then, the male angels proudly revealed what happens to human man when he builds up lots of sperm.

    "He gets stupid and goes crazy"

    You can watch the full SNL sketch here:

    View this video on YouTube


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