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    Women Are Sharing Small Gestures They Wish Men Did More, And The Guys Out There Should Be Taking Notes

    "Sometimes, I need guys to just be listeners and not fixers."

    Recently, Reddit user u/Lordofspades_notgame posed the question, "Girls of Reddit, what are some seemingly small gestures you wish guys did more often?"

    And there were so many excellent responses! Here are some of the most relatable ones:

    1. "Putting their phone away during quality time. It shows they're focusing on you and the conversation/activity, and I think it's the ultimate sign of effort."


    2. "I love random little gifts to know you are thinking about me. Nothing big: a favorite candy bar, some flowers from the garden. They can go a long way."


    3. "Just a hug. It's so magical sometimes."


    Man and woman hugging happily

    4. "Sometimes, I need guys to just be listeners and not fixers. When I have a problem, my husband always wants to go into fix it mode, but sometimes the fix is just sitting quietly and holding me or letting me cry it out."

    "Sometimes, it’s nice when they just agree that Becky from sales is a bitch instead of offering 101 ways to get along with the bitch at work."


    5. "If you’re complimenting a woman, instead of complimenting her looks (anything physical) give her a small compliment about a part of her personality. Goes farther than you would think."


    "Or compliment something she chose, like hair style, nail color, outfit, etc."


    6. "Give me a hug and a forehead kiss instead of a 'goodbye.'"


    Man kissing a woman's forehead

    7. "Introduce me to people immediately (my fiancé always does this, and I wish more partners did). If he knows them, it’s always 'Hey X, this is my fiancé Y.' And if he’s just meeting them too, it's 'Hi I’m X, and this is my fiancé Y.'

    "It immediately welcomes me into the conversation (no awkward standing around while they talk), lets people know we’re together, and is helpful because I can be shy/reserved."


    8. "Head scratches when I'm laying down or sitting on the couch."


    9. "I love letters and notes. If I feel shitty, I can just pick them up and remember the nice things he feels about me."


    Woman smiling at a letter

    10. "This romantic interest of mine always takes my glass for a refill of whatever I’m drinking when he gets up to get more for himself. I do the same for him in return. It’s something little but never fails to make me smile softly to myself once he’s left the room."


    11. "I think all guys should know the power of the wink. Winking is so attractive if it's smooth enough."


    12. "Goodnight/good morning texts."


    Woman grinning at her phone in the morning

    13. "What I love: a little massage while sitting in a chair. While doing chores, before/after cooking, while conversing, whenever. Just that little gesture."


    14. "Respect my opinions and knowledge about sports instead of gatekeeping it."


    15. "Kissing my hand. So underrated. Gives me jelly legs."


    Man kissing a woman's hand

    16. "Have a trash can in your bathroom. It's just so, so much less embarrassing. If you really want to go the extra mile, keep a pack of pads or tampons there."


    17. And finally, "Call out your friends. I think men worry more about policing their own behavior to comfort women (trying not to scare them when they're walking alone) but don't police their friends (stop them from harassing someone or sharing harmful dialogue about women)."

    "That's where lives are changed. I think having bro culture with your friends is really nice, but it ends when women are being excluded or harmed."


    Which small gestures do you appreciate? LMK in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.