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    Samuel L. Jackson Is Offering Cussing Lessons If You Register To Vote, And I Love This So Much

    Because voting is cool.

    You know Samuel L. Jackson: The guy who's been in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction, The Avengers, and Snakes on a Plane.

    Samuel L. Jackson wearing a hat and sunglasses
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Aside from his iconic roles, the actor is probably best known for his dirty language. This dude swears. A LOT.


    Now, Samuel is leaning into his role as Hollywood's favorite potty mouth. He's offering an incentive to encourage people to vote. And it's — wait for it — cursing lessons.

    Listen up - If 2500 of you click a voting action below to make sure you’re #GoodToVote, I will teach you to swear in 15 different languages. Go to now!

    Samuel L. Jackson/ Twitter: @SamuelLJackson

    If you head to his Head Count website, you can register to vote, double check to make sure you're registered, or make a voting plan.

    Samuel wearing a hat and glasses at a premiere
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    If 2,500 people click on the link and make sure they're good to vote, Samuel will teach us how to cuss in no less than 15 different languages!

    Samuel wearing a hat and glasses with folded hands
    Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images

    So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive!!

    Samuel smiling big and holding his fingers in the okay symbol
    John Sciulli / Getty Images

    Some people complimented Samuel on coming up with such a creative way to encourage voter registration:

    @SamuelLJackson Also, this is the most convincing, awesome way of encouraging many others, who aren’t into politics, to register to vote 🗳 this year 👏🏻 👍🏻!!

    Others were so stoked that they offered swearing lessons back to Samuel:

    @SamuelLJackson In fact, I'll teach YOU at least half a dozen new curses in arabic.

    And some people even wished they were American so they could participate:

    @SamuelLJackson damn, almost makes me wish I was an American just for the swearing lessons.

    Thank you, Samuel L. Jackson, for using your cursing for good! Now, get out there and vote, people!!

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