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    Chris Hemsworth Roasted Ryan Reynolds After Ryan's Mom Got Involved In Their Feud

    "Chris Hemsworth is everyone's least favorite Australian."

    By now you probably know that Ryan Reynolds is a total jokester.

    Ryan Reynolds grinning

    Well, he recently roped his mom, Tammy, into his latest round of trash-talking! In a video posted to Twitter, she said, "He's asked me to read something about a friend of his. Normally, I would not talk to my friends like this, but he insisted."

    Ryan's mom talking

    "Chris Hemsworth is everyone's least favorite Australian. And as reminder, Hugh Jackman still exists. Chris is a no-good asshat who looks like a bodybuilder fucked a platypus."

    Ryan's mom talking with a black box over her mouth with the word censored on it

    After lots of expletives, she apologized: "I am so sorry for my son Ryan, Chris. You know it's my fault. I brought him up wrong."

    Ryan's mom talking

    Then she added another diss! "I loved you in Wonder Woman!" she said. "It was the best."

    Ryan's mom talking

    Well, Chris Hemsworth responded with a video of his own! In it, he pretended that the guy next to him was his father. Chris kept reminding his "dad" of mean things he'd said about Ryan, but his friend hilariously kept disagreeing.

    Chris Hemsworth with the Australian Opera House behind him

    "Hey, Ryan Reynolds, what's up, man? I saw that you got your mum to trash-talk me, say some horrible things about me. So I got my dad here to say a few things about you," Chris said.

    Chris talking and his friend looking at him

    "What are you talking about?" his friend asked. "All the things we discussed," Chris reminded him. "You hate him. He's a dickhead. You said the worst actor, the least favorite Canadian in the whole world. You said you hate Aviation Gin because it's disgusting."

    Chris talking and his friend making a face

    "It's my favorite drink," his friend said, correcting him.

    Chris and his friend talking

    "Green Lantern, what'd you say about that?" Chris asked. His friend exclaimed, "Best movie ever!"

    Chris and his friend talking

    "It's not the best movie ever," Chris disagreed. "Even if you like him, it's not the best movie."

    Chris talking and his friend looking at him

    LOL! What a fun way to raise awareness. You're doing the Lord's work, fellas.

    You can watch Chris Hemsworth's full video below: