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    Ross Butler Is One Of The Hottest Guys In Hollywood Right Now, And Here's The Proof

    My ultimate celebrity crush.

    IDK if you were aware, but Ross Butler is a total snack.

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    Like, this man is YUMMY.

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    So, I thought I'd do everyone a favor and gather some of my favorite pics of him. You're welcome!

    1. When he made red my new favorite color:

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    2. When he — ahem — looked like this:

    3. When his hair matched his coat:

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    4. When he shared his artistic side:

    5. When he grew out his facial hair and made me swoon:

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    6. When he made me wanna reach into the photo and give him a high five:

    Ross Butler exiting a car

    7. When he served some serious model vibes:

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    8. When he and his doggo melted my heart:

    9. When he did the impossible and made a golf outfit look cool:

    Ross Butler on the golf course

    10. When he showed up at a GQ party looking like he won their Man of the Year:

    Ross Butler

    11. When he wore the hell outta this hat:

    12. When he proved that men can and should wear pink:

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    13. When he ~dazzled me~ in this suit:

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    14. And finally, when he looked like he was serenading me beneath my window in the middle of the night (okay, that might be a stretch, but a girl can dream):

    Closeup of Ross Butler

    Which Ross Butler pic is your fave? LMK in the comments below!