Regina Hall Wrote A Hilarious Birthday Song For Her 50th, And Now I'm Feeling Myself

    Getting older never looked so good.

    Regina Hall just turned 50. Yes, you read that right. The woman is half a century old, but she looks damn good!

    Regina Hall in a low-cut sequin dress

    To celebrate the milestone, the actor wrote an original birthday song. Let me tell you, it is a BOP.

    Regina an a jacket and hoops

    She even made a music video for it! So let's all admire her creativity and lyrics together:

    Regina with her hair in a ponytail and smiling

    "A bitch is old today. I passed half my life expectancy."

    Regina in the music video in a sweater

    "A bitch is old today, but I been told I still got good pussy."

    Regina smiling in the kitchen

    "So shoutout to all my old bitches."

    Regina in a bathing suit and holding a champagne glass

    "And shoutout to all my young bitches."

    Young girls in a pool

    "Shoutout to all my pretty bitches."

    Regina and a friend lying on pool chairs

    "And shoutout to all my not-so-pretty bitches."

    Regina on a trampoline

    "A bitch is old today, and I'm shouting hoo-ha-hooray!"

    Regina jumping high on the trampoline

    "A bitch is old today, but I made it here gratefully."

    Regina raising her glass into the sky

    YES to all of this! Regina is beautiful and blessed, and she knows it. It's so refreshing to see a woman in Hollywood own and celebrate her age.

    Happy 50th birthday, Regina! I hope you keep on killin' it for another 50 years!!

    You can watch the full music video ahead: