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    17 People Told Us The Moments They Fell Out Of Love With Their Significant Others, And My Heart Hurts

    "I knew I could never trust him with our child. Love was out of the question."

    A few weeks ago, we wrote up the moments that people fell out of love with their significant others.

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    But so many people offered their own experiences in the comments that we just had to share their stories too. Here's what our BuzzFeed readers had to say:

    1. "I dated a guy for eight months, back when MySpace was a thing. I was super late to the social media game, so I didn’t have a MySpace page. Well, one day, my cell blew up. My friends were like, 'I think your boyfriend just got married.'"

    "I used a friend's login, and lo and behold, he did get married. So I called him up, and he went, 'Hey sexy, miss you.' I was like, 'I hear congratulations are in order.' He asked, 'Why?' And I said, 'Because I saw you got married!' He was like, 'Uh uh uh.' I was like, 'Out of respect for your wife, lose my fucking number.'"


    2. "I was with my boyfriend for 11 years, from the time we were 18. Over the years, our sex life dwindled from consistent to seldom to nothing. Even basic affection dried up. He always said he felt bad that we weren't having sex but never initiated it. We never cuddled, and he never kissed me."

    "I realized that we had a problem and made continual efforts to seduce him. I bought a sexy lingerie outfit, and when I put it on, the reaction I got was 'Why did you buy that?' I was so hurt and felt that there was no spark left in our relationship. He made me feel so undesirable and ugly. While we were still good friends, we weren't compatible as lovers, and I deserved better."


    3. "When I spoke to him about the fact that none of his family knew I existed. He kept saying he'd tell them about me when 'the time was right.' Never happened."

    "I decided to discuss it with him one last time. I said that when you love someone, you fight for them, and you definitely don't hide them from anyone, much less the people you love most. He responded with, 'Then I guess I don't love you because I'm not telling them.' You can bet I broke it off soon after."


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    4. "He said I needed to get rid of my cat if I wanted us to live together. Needless to say, we didn't live together."


    5. "I was in a car crash. A drunk driver ran a red light and hit my car. I didn't get seriously injured, but I was pretty shaken up. I called my boyfriend from the hospital, told him what happened, and asked if he could pick me up. He said he was at a hockey game and maybe he could come after the game."

    "I broke up with him then and there. I don't think it's unreasonable to want to be more of a priority than that. If I had gotten a call like that, I would drop everything I was doing and get there as fast as possible."


    6. "My ex-boyfriend was out to his mom and one of his sisters. But he didn’t want to come out to his oldest sister because she was conservative and would shun him. I asked him what he would do if he got married some day."

    "Would he not invite her to the wedding? Just pretend like that person wasn’t his husband? He said he wasn’t sure. That’s when I knew we had no future together. I didn’t want to be with someone who couldn’t be fully out with everyone in his life. I’m not going back in the closet for the sake of another person and their family relationships."


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    7. "My husband yelled at me for 'spending extra money' at the doctor to get a biopsy done for what the doctor thought was cancer. Didn’t care if it was cancer, was just mad about the $200. Then wondered why I didn’t want to go visit his friends that weekend."


    8. "I was with my last boyfriend for about a year. For Valentine’s Day, he got a hotel room, and we exchanged sweet letters. The next morning, he wanted something from the front desk. He was so rude that he made the man cry."

    "I told him how much it upset me, and that no matter the reason, that wasn’t okay. I left and profusely apologized to the staff. I saw his true colors, and I instantly realized he was not who I thought."


    9. "I knew it was over with a boyfriend because MY dog died, and he called into work the next day. He claimed he was too sad because of the dog. I had that dog for years before I met him, and even I didn't take off work because we couldn't afford it. He just wanted an excuse so he could get drunk."

    "This was like the fourth job he'd had in a year, and he was always blaming everybody else for why he couldn't keep a job. I lost all respect for him after that."


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    10. "My brother and I have a strained relationship. I expressed some things about my brother to my husband (in confidence obviously) and my husband told my brother."

    "Of course, my brother reacted negatively, creating a bigger rift between us. When I confronted my husband about it, his response was that I was in the wrong, and I should take accountability for what I said to him about my brother. Our divorce should be final next month."


    11. "I was with a guy for a couple years. During that time, we'd had conversations about having children. One day, we went to drop off a late baby shower gift to a friend. In his mind, that was the perfect time to tell me he would never have kids with me, and neither should anyone else because I would be the worst mother ever. We were broken up within 24 hours."


    12. "We were visiting my parents and staying with them. He blew up at me and told me I was a terrible girlfriend because I wouldn’t have sex with him. At my parents' house. We were there for a week, and he thought he was obligated to sex. No thanks, dude."


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    13. "I moved to a new city to study and didn’t know anyone. Pretty quickly, I met my ex, and we dated for a year and a half. I mostly spent time with him, which didn’t give me room to make new friends. I didn’t prioritize school at the time either."

    "I finally discovered a subject I was passionate about and put all my energy into pursuing it. Around that time, I made some great friends, too. This seemed to annoy him. When I turned him down to hang out one day, since I'd already made plans with a friend, he lost it. He told me that was what he liked about me, that I was 'always available.' That comment felt like a kick in the stomach. It made me realize how I literally had no life besides him. That comment made me fall out of love in an instant. Dumped his ass."


    14. "Red flags were all over the place, but my mother was so incensed that we were 'living in sin' that I went ahead and married the POS to get her off my back. It took seven months and several PIs, but we finally caught him."

    "He was screwing around on me two weeks after our wedding. During that time, he also stole some of my jewelry to give to his side pieces."


    15. "My grandfather died, and the guy I was dating didn't want to talk to me about it or ask how I was. Instead, on the night before the funeral, he tried sexting me and demanding nude photos. That made me feel like absolute shit."


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    16. "When I realized all my husband is interested in is giving the bare minimum. I don't even mind if it's just for me, but we have two beautiful but very challenging special needs kids. They deserve better."


    17. And finally, "When my significant other was on baby duty (our son was three weeks old) and I woke up to our son screaming and crying. My partner was completely passed out due to Xanax and red wine."

    "I grabbed our child away from him and started yelling about how irresponsible he was. Instead of apologizing, he flipped out on me and said I was a bad mom. In that moment, I knew I could never trust him with our child, much less any others that he insisted he wanted. Love was out of the question."


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    Do you remember the moment you fell out of love with your significant other? Tell your story in the comments below.

    Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.