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    Women Are Sharing The Truly Ridiculous Reasons Why Men Got Mad At Them, And My Eyes Are Rolling So Hard They're Gonna Get Stuck In My Brain

    "My ex was mad at me for getting a better GPA than him."

    As women, we deal with an ungodly amount of nonsense from men.

    Well, Reddit user u/TheVarnAttack posed the question, "Women, what is the most eye-roll-worthy thing a man has made a huge deal about before?"

    And there were so many truly ridiculous responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. "I got a haircut. He was upset that I hadn’t discussed it with him first. We were not in a relationship. We were not friends. He was an acquaintance that I occasionally ran into, and he was livid that I had cut off my long, blonde hair without his input/permission."


    "I chopped my hair off into a pixie at 24. The number of random male acquaintances who felt the need to tell me that it was a bad idea and that women should have long hair was ASTONISHING. Didn't matter if I pointed out how much time and money long hair costs; obviously, women should suck that up for the viewing pleasure of the men they see occasionally. I can't even imagine having the audacity. I prefer facial hair on guys, but I don't walk around telling random dudes to grow a beard for me."


    2. "My ex asked if I wanted help carrying my bag at the airport. It was an old one with no wheels. I declined and carried it down a flight of stairs. When we arrived at the bottom, he got mad at me because he thought two men who happened to be standing there were judging him for not carrying my bag."


    3. "My ex and I had a fight (and then I had to deal with passive aggressive put-downs for months afterward) because I said that I would stay in the virtual world in The Matrix."

     "The people in that world are real, your struggles are real, and the intimate connections you make are real. Only the setting is false. But for months, I was 'Little Miss Blue Pill.'"


    4. "My ex was mad at me for getting a better GPA than him in college. Then, he told me that if he stayed with me, I would prevent him from getting into medical school. We broke up, and it turned out that a year later, he couldn’t get into medical school because he wasn’t qualified. I had nothing to do with it."


    "Broke up with my ex over something like this. We studied the same degree, and I was generally always a bit better than him, which he was already miffed about. I assumed he was just being competitive. But then, we studied together for one of our math exams, and I got 100%, and he barely passed. He exploded at me and said I did it on purpose to humiliate him. Like, what?"


    5. "I had an ex who would get mad if I called him 'dude.' Like, irrationally angry about it, not just annoyed."


    6. "My ex would go into a blind rage whenever I forgot to say 'God bless you' after he sneezed. It was unreal."


    7. "I worked at a pub with my then-boyfriend. At the end of the night, we all sat around having a drink. At one point, I took my hair out of my ponytail to shake it out because it had been up all day and was starting to give me a headache. When we got home, he accused me of taking my hair down to seduce one of our colleagues who was drinking with us. He proceeded to lose his shit about it."


    8. "Apparently, I pronounce 'magnet' wrong, which drove my ex-husband into a rage."


    9. "My ex was jealous of my cat. He would feel genuine hostility when I'd kiss and snuggle my cat. One of the most ridiculous things I've seen from a guy. He would argue that the cat looked so smug all the time. Like, are you kidding me?"


    10. "My ex hated how I decided to get into vegetarianism. He was a big meat eater and would always go into dramatics about how it was hard to go out to eat with me. I live in a very veggie-friendly city, and restaurants have salads!"


    11. "My ex would lose his mind because he didn't believe I made instant oatmeal correctly for our son."


    12. "I ordered steak for lunch, and he told that wasn't very ladylike! I followed it up with a beer, paid for mine, and left."


    13. "We were playing EverQuest (an online role playing game). He'd been playing for YEARS, and I was just learning. He didn't think I was 'playing my character right' and flipped out."


    14. "I took a fry from the take out bag in the car on our way home. Ex got all mad over it."


    15. And finally, "He asked me a question, and I responded, 'I do.' He flipped out, saying I was trying to put the thought of marriage in his mind."


    Has a man ever gotten mad at you for something absolutely ridiculous? LMK in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.