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15 Sexist Things That Prove How Horribly Society Treats Women

The way that men will walk right into women if they don't move out of the way.

The other day, I was scrolling on TikTok when I came across a video that immediately caught my attention. asked, "What are some things you've noticed that are blatantly sexist but are so normalized within society?"

And there were so many responses! Here are some of the most powerful and thought-provoking ones:

1. provided a strong example to kick off the conversation: society expecting women to change their last names when they get married. She pointed out that a woman's last name (before marriage) is the one attached to her degree and accomplishments.

2. Lindsey Shelton brought up the double standard between male and female sterilization procedures. She has seen multiple doctors about getting her tubes tied, but they wanted meetings with her AND her husband, told her she was too young, and told her to have a child first (which kinda defeats the whole purpose). Meanwhile, her husband can make one phone call and get an appointment.

3. Amber Reignn mentioned the tradition of fathers walking their daughters down the aisle and handing them off to their new husbands. This custom lingers from back when women were considered property to be passed from man to man. "I feel like that needed to be done away with when we started getting rights," the TikToker added.

4. Mira pointed out additional sexist elements of weddings. Women usually wear white dresses, a custom that originally symbolized virginity. And the woman's family traditionally pays for the wedding — this lingers from a time when the bride's family paid the husband a dowry.

5. Effie Elizabeth mentioned that women walking down a path usually move out of the way of men walking toward them (since men won't be the ones to do it). The TikToker shared that she no longer does this, and the number of times that men have literally walked right into her is absolutely wild.

6. When it comes to custody of children, Lindsay Evz pointed out that fathers often get the weekends. This means they can be "the fun parent" and don't have to deal with stuff like school drop off, homework, or school lunches.

7. Emily Deahl brought up a great point about male vs. female actors. Men are generally able to play the love interest for most of their lives, while women are given a much shorter time window for romantic roles.

8. Michelle Rosas said that there are double standards for moms and dads when it comes to video games. She explained that if she played video games all day, she'd be viewed as "neglecting her kids." But if a man does it, it's viewed as a good thing because he's home.

9. Jessi Rae pointed out unfair practices when it comes to buying homes. She used her own money for the down payment on a new house for herself and her significant other. But the mortgage and insurance companies address him as the owner and simply call her the co-borrower.

10. Charissa Cooke mentioned the sexist treatment that young girls face. She recalled people saying she'd need to watch out for her daughter's safety because she was so beautiful. Yet, the TikToker pointed out that no one goes up to young boys — who are the ones to grow up to sexually assault these girls — and says, "Oh, you better be careful of him when's older — could turn out to be a predator!"

11. When it comes to news broadcasts, Amanda Castrillo pointed out that women are often referred to by their relationships. For example, they are first identified as "wife and mother of two" rather than by name. Men don't usually receive the same treatment. "I'm not just my husband's wife," she said. "I am me first."

12. While using a heat pack on her back, Colleen explained that office chairs are usually manufactured with men's measurements in mind. This can lead to all kinds of discomfort for women in the workplace.

13. Nettie Scott pointed out that women are raised to be overly polite from childhood. This is a huge disservice to women — their conditioning to be polite can be so strong that it can lead to situations that put their safety in danger.

14. When it comes to the way moms and dads enjoy time away from the kids, Randi Nicole brought up a big difference. Moms who have a social life are often looked down upon, while society generally praises men — no matter how often they hang out with their friends — for simply staying in the picture.

15. And finally, Victoria Garrick brought up the sexist language used to encourage people to be strong and tough. "Grow a pair" or "get some balls" is commonly said, yet the TikToker pointed out that testicles are actually extremely sensitive.

Have you noticed something sexist that's been normalized in society? Let me know in the comments below!