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Aww, This Pic Of Offset Cradling His Newborn Son While Cardi B Gazes At Them Lovingly Is Just So Sweet

"Chapter 5."

Earlier today, Cardi B shared a big announcement: She and her husband, Offset, have welcomed their second child into the world!!

Cardi and Offset sitting in the front row of an awards show

The 28-year-old shared a beautiful picture of the couple gazing down lovingly at the their son.

And Offset just posted his own picture of the happy family!

Offset smiling on the red carpet

The Migos rapper shared an image of himself, cradling the newborn to his shirtless chest. To the side, Cardi looked over at them from the hospital bed.

"Chapter 5," he wrote in the caption as a nod to becoming a father of five. He shares 3-year-old Kulture with Cardi, and he's also the dad of 6-year-old Kalea, 6-year-old Kody, and 11-year-old Jordan from previous relationships.

Offset sitting with Kulture in his lap

Offset also commented, "Mob shit," beneath his post.

Naturally, congratulations and kind messages poured into the comments. Chance the Rapper wrote, "Father of 5" with a blue heart emoji.

DJ Khaled wrote, "Congrats GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!!"

And one fan left the sweet message, "Good husband and good dad" with a fire emoji.

Congratulations, Offset and Cardi!

Offset and Cardi smiling