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18 Women Shared The Lame Excuses Men Gave Because They Didn't Want To Wear Condoms, And You'll Never Believe What These Guys Came Up With

"You don't trust me to pull out?"

We all know that safe sex is super-duper important!

Yet some men will say absolutely any garbage that comes to mind to get out of it! SMH.

This week, Reddit user u/LobstahRolls posed the question, "Women of Reddit: What are the excuses men have used because they didn’t want to wear a condom?"

And there were so many ridiculous answers! Here are some of the bullshit excuses that men have given:

1. "A few years ago, a friend was dating a guy, and his excuse was that he found out he couldn't have kids. Anyway, her kid started kindergarten a few days ago."


2. "'The fact you don’t trust me is kind of a turnoff.' Okay, bye!"


3. "'You don’t trust me to pull out?'"


4. "'Come on, baby. You know I’m allergic to when it doesn’t feel good.'"


5. "'It’s like taking a shower with a raincoat on.'"


6. "Dude has five kids with four different women and is still looking for other women to sleep with. I asked him if he knew what condoms were, and he said that his grandma was hardcore Catholic, and it would bother her if he used a contraceptive."


7. "'They don't sell XXS.'"


8. "Worst excuse ever: Heard a friend saying once, 'Using a condom can never satisfy a partner.'"


9. "'I wouldn’t mind making a baby with you.'"


10. "'This isn’t a whorehouse.' I sure knew how to pick ‘em when I was young and dumb!"


11. "'I lose my boner every time we try to put the condom on.'"


12. "'It's not necessary; I've been tested, and I'm all negative.' Bro, there is no way for me to verify that at 2 a.m."


13. "I got hit with the 'I'm allergic to latex' line. Which was hilarious because I am allergic to latex, so all the ones I have are latex-free. When I pointed that out, he tried another excuse, so I told him he wasn’t getting laid and sent his ass home. We broke up shortly after."


14. "'I want to feel you completely, babe. As you are.'"


15. "'Why put a condom on when we are gonna eventually take it off?'"


16. "'But you’re on the Pill!' The pill doesn’t stop STDs, and you can still get pregnant while taking it."


17. "'They smell funny.'"


18. And finally, "'I didn't wear condoms with my ex-girlfriend.' Like, good for you, darling. But I am my own person with my own preferences, and I'm not comfortable having sex without condoms."


Have you ever heard a lame excuse from a guy who didn't want to wear a condom? LMK in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.