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    People Are Pointing Out Movies With An Excellent Premise But Terrible Execution, And There Are No Lies Detected

    Y'all already know Eragon is on here.

    Recently, Reddit user u/TripleDeckerJumboJim posed the question, "What's a movie with a great premise but a terrible execution?"


    The thread quickly went viral with over 17,000 comments! Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. The Last Airbender

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    "I don’t believe there’s another movie in existence with such poor execution. It’s almost hard to believe how bad that film was."


    2. In Time

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    "The rich are basically immortal, and the poor that are paycheck to paycheck are one wrong move away from death. Cool idea for a commentary on inequality but not well-executed."


    3. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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    "You’re telling me that with all of the source material — which inspired tons of well-known sci-fi franchises today — and a $177M budget, they fucked it up by miscasting the leads and giving an unfocused plot??"


    4. Man of the Year

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    "A comedian launches a third party bid for the presidency and wins. Despite a solid performance from Robin Williams, a thoroughly forgettable movie with a lame script. Could've had a lot of heart and a lot of laughs."


    5. Dark Phoenix

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    "My god, Michael Fassbender tried so goddamn hard to save this movie, and he just couldn't do it, not even close. His role in this movie is on my shortlist of good performances in crap films."


    6. The Percy Jackson movies

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    "They literally had all the great source material in their hands, and they threw it all aside to make their own dumb movie with just the same character names."


    7. Hancock

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    "It's half of a great movie with a different, terrible movie for the second half."


    "The second half isn't even a terrible movie. Or at least not a terrible premise for a movie. But it needed more time to tell a whole story. In the hands of a better writer, it could have been two really good movies."


    8. Daybreakers

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    "It was a pretty cool look at a vampire society, but the second half about the cure was so dumb."


    9. Downsizing

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    "A movie with people being shrunk down to five obviously it’s about a boring romance and global warming. I think of it as a movie that thought it was too good for its own premise."


    "That movie completely changed what it was like four different times mid-movie. I left utterly perplexed at what I had just watched."


    10. The Dark Tower

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    "Source material (Stephen King book series) is amazing. Movie is crap."


    "The way I always describe that piece of shit is this: They took books 1, 3, and 7. They took the pages and fed them through a shredder. Then, they laid out the shredder clippings on a carpet and painted a wall with adhesive. The fan would blow pieces of paper in the air. Whatever stuck to the wall is the script they filmed."


    11. Eragon

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    20th Century Fox

    "I will forever stay mad about how badly Eragon turned out."


    "I said sorry to Christopher Paolini during an AMA a few years ago about how the movie turned out, and he replied, 'What movie?'"


    12. Jumper

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    "I still actually enjoy the movie because the premise is so cool and it has its moments, but it could've been better for sure."


    "It was one of those movies made at the time when everyone was so desperate for a franchise that could appeal to teens and adults. But the first movie focused so hard on being the first in a trilogy that it forgot to be fun."


    13. Gods of Egypt

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    "That movie is criminally bad, yet had all the potential in the world to be a massive hit and cement itself as one of the best movies based on ancient mythology."


    14. Mortal Engines

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    "The steampunk-esque engineering aspect was so cool, but it ended up being about some sappy romance between teens. A let-down."


    15. Artemis Fowl

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    "I turned it off 20 minutes into it. They absolutely butchered it. I was so disappointed because I had waited like 20 years for this movie."


    "The Artemis Fowl movie is completely different from the Artemis Fowl books. It just happens to have the same title, and the characters have the same names."


    16. Jupiter Ascending

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    "The premise of this movie was really interesting, but the plot kinda went nowhere, and the acting was cringeworthy at times."


    17. A Wrinkle in Time

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    "It was one of my favorite books as a child. Disney’s version was so bad I had to turn it off. I’ve willingly sat through a lot of bad movies in my day, but it was so cringey I just couldn’t do it."


    "It was so on the nose and syrupy. We got a movie version of a self-help book."


    18. Yesterday

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    "A man wakes up in a world where The Beatles never existed. Amazing premise, awful ending. They did NOT know how to land that plane well."


    19. And finally, Frozen 2

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    "I watched this documentary about Frozen 2 and its production. They basically needed to redo the entire movie in three months because the kids didn't like it. So it went from this super thought-out storyline to a bit of a mishmash of unsatisfying plot lines. I always wonder what we could've had instead."


    Which movie do you think had a great premise but was poorly executed? Sound off in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.