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    Aww, Mindy Kaling's Son Waving Hello To His Own Shadow Is The Definition Of Cuteness Overload

    "The human personification of a hug."

    Mindy Kaling is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. She's an actor, writer, producer, and director who's won tons of awards throughout her career.

    close up of Mindy slightly smiling

    But one of her coolest jobs? Being a mom!

    She rarely shares pics of her kids to protect their privacy, but she posted the sweetest video on Instagram to celebrate her son's birthday.

    a close up of Mindy in a sequined strapless outfit

    "Happy 2nd birthday to my son Spencer, who is the human personification of a hug. I can’t describe the intense joy it is to be your mom," she wrote in the caption.

    "You remind this old cynical lady that the world is full of wonder, and fun can be found in the most mundane places."

    mindy posing in an office

    "Here Spencer is greeting his friend, the morning shadow in his crib."

    Mindy Kaling /

    This little dude is literally waving hello to his own shadow! My heart!

    spencer waving from his crib at his shadow

    Truly the most adorable thing I've seen in a long, long time.

    closer view of him waving

    Naturally, people in the comments gushed over the cuteness overload.

    people commenting that they can't handle the cuteness

    But my favorite comment came from artist Julia S. Powell, who compared Spencer to a golden retriever and said it's the "highest compliment" one can give. Agreed!

    the comment comparing him to a golden retriever

    Happy birthday, Spencer!!!