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    Millennials Are Roasting The Crap Out Of Gen Z, And It's An Absolute Pleasure To See

    It's about time we teach these young kids a lesson!

    So, I'm sure you've heard all about how Gen Z suddenly decided millennials are no longer cool. Apparently, our skinny jeans, side parts, and constant use of the 😂 emoji are so yesterday.

    But we are not giving in to this foolishness! Millennials around the world are putting Gen Z in their place and reminding them what's really cool. So we've rounded up all the best tweets for your millennial pleasure:


    Not gen z making fun of millennials on apps created by millennials

    Twitter: @MacDoesIt


    me when gen z tries to tell me which emojis you can or can't use use:

    Twitter: @joshcarlosjosh


    Reading a lot about how Gen Z hates Millennials for our dumb side parts, as if middle parts were not a key part of our Proud Millennial Heritage

    Twitter: @Gaby_Moss


    gen z think they’re so much smarter than their parents for not falling for facebook conspiracy theories only to end up falling for tik tok conspiracy theories instead.

    Twitter: @writtenbyahmad


    all these youths trying to cancel skinny jeans clearly never experienced this trauma

    Twitter: @LipServX


    Gen Z doesn’t use the 😂 emoji because their friends aren’t fucking funny

    Twitter: @pate_gardner


    You can take my skinny jeans from my cold dead millennial legs.

    Twitter: @meagankenrekt


    I have zero recollection of millennials ever telling gen X what to wear. Like, I don’t know the first thing about gen x. Why is gen z so obsessed with millennials

    Twitter: @jackiemhampton


    @BuzzFeed You know who wore middle parts? My parents’ generation. Ditto mom jeans. In your effort to look cool you are emulating boomers. Let that sink in.

    Twitter: @SargentJodie


    Gen Z will be like “something so traumatic happened to me yesterday” and it’s like they were in traffic

    Twitter: @mfbenji


    @snarkeigh just respond in cursive writting confuse the hell out of them kids

    Twitter: @KingFunch


    As a millennial, I don't post videos on tiktok because being bullied by Gen Z is already part of my job description

    Twitter: @er_ique


    If Gen Z hates millennials now, just wait until they try to get promoted to our jobs, but we’re too broke to retire.

    Twitter: @RiaWojo


    @hanifzakianwar_ i’ve seen the tiktoks though 💔 these genz have one thing and that is the audacity.

    Twitter: @snarkeigh


    (Parts hair in middle) Boomers: “you look like a lost child” (Parts hair on side) Gen Z: “you look like a lost adult” My millennial ass:

    Twitter: @KatersTweets


    Why does tiktok gen z hate side parts??? My hair grows this way??? I’m not destroying my hair with over-heating it on a daily basis just because some 19 year olds on a video app said side parts make you look old???

    Twitter: @ColumbiaSkies


    There’s no way in hell I’m giving up my skinny jeans for whatever tf you wanna call these....

    Twitter: @pinchemom


    Today, I learned that parting my hair to the side bugs my GenZ students... so, naturally, I'm switching to a DEEP side part starting next week.

    Twitter: @_condesita


    Gen Z wants to be famous, but not good at anything. That's appropriating celebrity millennial culture. Baby WE BEEN DOING THAT.

    Twitter: @JayJurden


    millennials finding out gen z thinks the 😂 emoji is cringe

    Twitter: @jbillinson


    Gen Z’ers parting their hair in the middle is a cry for help. We absolutely must repair the world for them

    Twitter: @markedly


    gen z is days away from discovering zig zag middle parts

    Twitter: @allypishock


    This is an appropriate moment to launch war against Gen Z. The 😂 emoji is a perfect emoji for laughter and just because they say it’s uncool doesn’t mean we should accept. Wtf is 💀 anyway. I will die on this hill.

    Twitter: @Kantrowitz


    Twitter: @joshcarlosjosh


    All the discourse about what gen z thinks is uncool about millennials kind of makes me want to be like, AGGRESSIVELY millennial just to mess w them a little. The tightest skinny jeans I can fit, an extreme side part, rose gold jewelry & a millenial pink shirt that says ADULTING.

    Twitter: @sami_automatik


    how is Gen Z aggressive yet hypersensitive at the same time?

    Twitter: @Hibzster


    Millennials hanging out VS Gen Z hanging out.

    Twitter: @jaysonrogue


    @LipServX All of the early 2000s i had perpetually wet ankles. Over my dead body are we canceling skinny jeans, we worked hard to normalize them bitches.

    Twitter: @ginfueledbrat


    Gen Z are mostly sassy and rude until it’s time to ask Millennials for money or permission for a night out.

    Twitter: @mrrebelxo


    I might have a side part and skinny jeans, but I can buy wine

    Twitter: @abbigirl15

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