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    15 Relatable Tweets That Will Make Every Cusper Nod And Say, "Yup, That's My Life"

    "People born 1995–1997 are neither millennial nor Gen Z. We are the Drake generation."

    Recently, Gen Z decided that millennials do a whole bunch of things that are no longer cool.

    But there are TONS of people who fall right on the cusp between the two generations. Sometimes called zillennials or cuspers, they're a massive group who don't know how they should feel about this whole mess.

    So here are 15 tweets for you if you don't know where you stand:

    1. This guy said being a cusper makes him feel like he "won the lottery":

    being born in ‘95 I get to claim either millennial or gen z when it’s convenient for me I feel like I won the lottery

    Twitter: @wigsarcastictea

    2. This reporter came up with the best name for everyone born between 1995–1997:

    People born 1995-1997 are neither millennial nor Gen Z. We are the Drake generation.

    Twitter: @News3Adam

    3. This person realized being a zillennial means relating to both while feeling old:

    Being in the age range that’s like right on the cusp between millennial & gen z (but being on the millennial side) is like *sees millennial meme* haha same :) *sees gen z meme* haha same :) but also I feel old now

    Twitter: @merzb0w

    4. This person came up with a great way to pick a side:

    @Theamoeji my take on this is if ur first phone was an iphone ur gen z, if it was a flip phone ur a millenial, and if it was a slide keyboard ur in the middle

    Twitter: @hondacivic2004

    5. Some people felt like they belonged in both worlds...

    The identity crisis for people born at the start of GenZ is real. Especially first borns. GenZ by birth, millennial by hustle. 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

    Twitter: @madebycharles

    6. ...While others felt like they didn't belong in either:

    Who else is in that weird millennial/gen z gap where you look at genzs and feel super old but also some millennials straight up don't understand your references and humor and you're oh god i don't want to sound like - hello fellow kids, it's lit (I was born in 1995)

    Twitter: @weneejoo

    7. This person loved being the "middle child" who can laugh at both siblings:

    Millennial and Gen Z fights are like the eldest sibling fighting the youngest sibling which is hilarious for me because I’m the middle child so I just watch and laugh

    Twitter: @sucre_mack

    8. Some cuspers realized they side more with millennials because they'll never give up their side parts:

    i was born on the millennial/gen Z cusp but i know I'll never truly fit in with the zoomers because i refuse to betray my side part for a middle part

    Twitter: @EmmaHooks97

    9. Others sided more with Gen Z because they've given up wearing skinny jeans:

    i'm a millennial in that i still own skinny jeans but i'm gen z in that i i don't want to wear them anymore

    Twitter: @TheyChef

    10. This person shared some insight into the etiquette that unites all cuspers:

    it’s kind of fucked that a basic element of zillennial manners is rating service workers five stars no matter how many issues there actually were because you don’t want to be the one responsible for ruining their life over a slip-up

    Twitter: @0xabad1dea

    11. This zillennial admitted to bouncing back and forth:

    @shaTIRED im a cusper and just generally identify with whoever is being less embrassasing at that moment in time lmfao.

    Twitter: @thnxluckistar

    12. Some people just felt really lonely...

    while gen z vs millennial beef is taking place, please spare a thought for those born in 1997. not quite fitting into either category, zillenials are completely alone in this world.

    Twitter: @ne_al_

    13. ...But this person offered a more important identity to focus on:

    who cares if you're a millennial or gen z, which twilight team are you on?

    Twitter: @twilightreborn

    14. This lady thought of an accurate test to figure out which generation you are:

    the millennial/gen z divide is Ice Cube the rapper vs Ice Cube the star of Are We There Yet (2005)

    Twitter: @kingbabyteeth

    15. And finally, this woman came up with something I think every generation can agree on:

    I’m not gen z I’m not a millennial I’m a swiftie

    Twitter: @uptightlesbian

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