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Miley Cyrus Was Asked If She'd Rather Kiss Justin Bieber Or Harry Styles Under The Mistletoe

I can't imagine a better Christmas gift than Harry Styles.

On Christmas Day, Miley Cyrus appeared on British radio station Heart FM to answer some very important questions.

In a game of Would You Rather, the radio host asked if she would rather kiss Justin Bieber or Harry Styles under the mistletoe.

“Harry,” she answered immediately. “Justin Bieber I’ve known for way too long, it’s like family. Harry Styles — he’s looking really good.”

The "Midnight Sky" singer also mentioned that she was into Harry's fishnet look.

"We have very similar taste. Sharing a closet, sharing a life together, it just makes sense," she explained.

“If you want me to hit you up, I’m pretty good at it," the radio host offered. "I know Harry so I can make it happen.”

“Everyone is always playing Cupid for me these days!” Miley responded with a laugh.

IDK about you, but my fingers are crossed for Miley and Harry. So let's all enjoy an old pic of them together. Totes adorbs!

Now, let's settle this for ourselves:

You can watch the Heart FM interview here:

Get in line @mileycyrus, you're not the only one who wants to snog @harry_styles!!! 😜 💋

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