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    "This Is For Every Little Girl That Looks Like Me": Michelle Yeoh Became The First Asian Woman To Win The SAG Award For Best Female Actor

    "I am grateful. And my mom will be eternally grateful to you."

    Last night, Michelle Yeoh won Best Female Actor in a Leading Role at the SAG Awards for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once making her the first Asian woman to take home the award!

    Michelle holding her two SAG awards

    Just like at the Golden Globes, she gave an iconic acceptance speech. "I think if I speak, my heart will explode," she said. "SAG-AFTRA, to get this from you, who understands what it is to get here — every one of you knows the journey, the roller coaster ride, the ups and downs. But most importantly, we never give up."

    Michelle delivering her speech

    As she struggled to hold back tears, she said "Shit!" and turned around for a moment.

    She laughed, grabbed the award, lifted it into the air, and yelled "Fuck!" while the audience burst into laughter and applause. LOL.

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is not just for me, this is for every little girl that looks like me."

    Michelle also gave a shoutout to icon Sally Field. "You said all the right things. We're here because we love what we do, and we'll never stop doing this because we really, really love it. But thank you for giving me a seat at the table, because so many of us need this."

    Sally watching from the audience

    "We want to be seen. We want to be heard. And tonight, you have shown us that it is possible. And I am grateful. And my mom will be eternally grateful to you," she concluded with a laugh.

    I loved that Jamie Lee Curtis waved some enthusiastic snaps in the air before giving Michelle a standing ovation. And look at how emotional Stephanie Hsu is! These three seem to have such beautiful, supportive friendships.

    Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about Michelle's win:

    Michelle Yeoh’s reaction to winning her SAG award will be on repeat in my brain all night omg. LOVE

    Netflix / Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

    I hope Michelle Yeoh (the first Asian woman to win Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress in a Leading Role) is having an amazing day

    FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images / Twitter: @heyjaeee

    I can’t stop singing her praises and y’all are probably tired. But I’ve been obsessed with Michelle Yeoh for a very long time… as long as I can remember, honestly. So to see her get accolades after accolades… my heart is so happy today.

    Netflix / Twitter: @hugeasmammoth_

    Tonight another glass ceiling has been shattered. Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian female actor to win a Lead SAG Award for film. The Oscar next please, not only it is time and overdue, but it is also tremendously deserved. Michelle Yeoh, congratulations mama!!!👏🏾🖤

    Netflix / Twitter: @siralphey
    Netflix / Twitter: @yeohnation

    The best, and I mean THE BEST, moment of any acceptance speech in the history of ever. Michelle Yeoh is everything, everywhere, all at once.

    Netflix / Twitter: @frosty_todger

    You can watch Michelle's full acceptance speech here:

    View this video on YouTube


    Congratulations, Michelle!! We are all so proud of you!