OMG, Meghan Markle Revealed That There Were Concerns Over What Her Baby's Skin Color Would Be


    Tonight, the long-awaited interview arrived! The Queen of the United States (AKA Oprah) and Meghan Markle had a conversation that led to some SHOCKING revelations.

    Meghan and Oprah sitting across from each other in an outdoor space

    Meghan revealed that, for some unknown reason, she was told — when she was PREGNANT, no less — that her baby would not be receiving the security that other descendants of the Queen would usually receive.

    Meghan and Harry smiling for cameras as they introduced then-newborn Archie to the world for the first time

    This led into a convo about possible reasons why Archie wouldn't get what was rightfully his. And Meghan dropped a complete BOMBSHELL.

    Meghan said that there were "concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born."

    Meghan with a sad look on her face during the interview

    "What?!" Oprah exclaimed. "Who is having that conversation with you? What?!"

    Oprah looking incredulous

    "They were concerned if he were too brown, that that would be a problem, are you saying that?" Oprah continued in disbelief.

    "If that's the assumption you're making, I feel that would be a pretty safe one," Meghan replied.

    WOW. Just wow... The color of a child's skin, especially an unborn child, should NEVER be up for discussion.