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    People Are Sharing Their Strong Opinions On "Marriage Or Mortgage," And Points Were Made

    "Marriage or Mortgage will dig up your grandma and pose her in the living room and be like, 'Doesn’t this feel like home?'"

    This week, Marriage or Mortgage has taken the world by storm: A show where couples have to choose between their fairy-tale weddings and their dream homes? And the wedding planner and real estate agent compete for the win?? Yes please!!

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Naturally, the internet had A LOT to say about all this:

    1. A few people thought the couples should have picked the house over the wedding:

    I diving into Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix. My head says house but my heart... also says house. What is there to discuss

    Twitter: @nlcorner

    2. ...okay, more than a few people...

    me every time a couple drops $30K on a wedding that lasts for one day rather than a deposit on a house #marriageormortgage

    Twitter: @jxeker

    3. ...fine, a lot of people!:

    TAKE THE HOUSE!!! #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @melbell424

    4. This person ships our favorite wedding planner and real estate agent:

    Don't mind me getting obsessed with yet another American show, also we can all agree Nichole and Sarah are a couple right? #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @itslupii

    5. Some were shocked that a ranch fountain was the deciding factor:

    Couple: we have 35k for either a house or a wedding Realtor: k, found your dream home under your budget & the builder will throw in $12k appliance credit Wedding planner: you’ll have your ranch fountain Couple: okay we choose Wedding! #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @imveryberry

    6. Others were more disturbed that the bride-to-be ate directly from the ranch fountain:

    This woman stuck her mouth under the ranch fountain.. 😭 BRUH! #marriageormortgage

    Twitter: @cutefaceshawty

    7. And some people were astonished that they would keep that damn fountain even during a pandemic:

    They kept the ranch fountain...even with Covid? #marriageormortgage

    Twitter: @LDN_Gem

    8. This woman asked for an update from the wedding choosers:

    I want to see an update on everyone from #MARRIAGEORMORTGAGE so I can know if all the people that chose Marriage at the beginning of the pandemic regret their decision.

    Twitter: @OelkTree96

    9. Lots of viewers felt very judgy:

    Judging everyone who chooses wedding #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @dionysiandandy

    10. Many were saddened to realize how much more affordable Nashville is than their own city:

    4 bedroom, 2 bathroom for $300,000?!?!? *cries in unaffordable Toronto market* #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @chloeemarieeeee

    11. Some people poked fun at the emotional heartstrings Nichole and Sarah pulled in order to secure the deal...

    Marriage or Mortgage will dig up your grandma and pose her in the living room and be like “doesn’t this feel like home?” #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @mselizabethr

    12. ...and implied that the wedding planner and real estate agent went too far:

    “Alex, we know your father died five years ago in a fiery plane crash. We want to honor his memory at your wedding by placing pieces of the planes’ landing gear in each of your guests’ wedding cake slices” #MarriageOrMortgage

    Twitter: @themactruc

    13. This person made a fair point about people in general:

    #MarriageOrMortgage seems like a no brainer to me. Like who TRULY likes 80 ppl? #buythehouse

    Twitter: @scwilliamsatl

    14. This woman had the same reaction to Cindy and Karla as I did:

    starting a new religion to worship the lesbian couple in episode 4 of #marriageormortgage

    Twitter: @thirstkirst_

    15. And finally, this dude joked the couples who picked weddings would be crying down the road:

    You and your partner, when you look at each other 20 years later and remember you picked the wedding over the house on #marriageormortgage

    Twitter: @Abram1125

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