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The Internet Can't Stop Talking About How Zanab Deserves Better Than Cole In "Love Is Blind"

"I’m not understanding how Cole can go around telling everyone that he’s not physically attracted to Zanab with a straight face. It’s disrespectful."

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Yesterday, the new episodes of Love Is Blind dropped, and OMG! So. Much. Dama. There's certainly trouble in paradise for most of these couples.

The internet has a lot of thoughts on one couple in particular: Zanab and Cole.

As you know, Zanab is a gorgeous Pakistani woman whose beauty knows no bounds.

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But Cole has repeatedly told her — his own fiancé! — that he finds Colleen more attractive, going so far as rating Zanab 9/10 while giving Colleen a 10/10.

And Cole hasn't been afraid to share that opinion with everyone else, including Colleen herself.

So, here's what Twitter has to say about Zanab and Cole's relationship so far:


Love is blind is actually triggering because Cole's dismissiveness of Zanab's attractiveness has 0 to do with her actual looks and everything to do with the fact that Colleen is just white. Cole's beauty standard is white and Zanab will never meet it #LoveIsBlind3 #loveisblind

Twitter: @elisafaps


The minute Cole kept expressing how physically attracted he is to Zanab I KNEW he was gonna pull some Shake shit #loveisblind

Ser Baffo/ Netflix /  Twitter: @TheOGBosslaydee


Cole needs to grow up. He’s not ready for a woman like Zanab. #loveisblind #loveisblind3 I really think the producers did the women dirty by introducing so many men in their mid 20s and students when the women are all in their 30s and successful.

Twitter: @Odia_JN


If I have to hear Cole be disrespectful to Zanab one more time I swear #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind3

Twitter: @kenandthejets


I can't believe Zanab is letting a 26 year old with flies in his dirty toilet make her this insecure 🤮#LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @Neemma_


Zanab & Cole are Shayne and Natalie 100%…they know deep down they aren’t compatible but are lying to each other about it for no reason. #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @obitchuaryx


I’m not understanding how Cole can go around telling everyone that he’s not physically attracted to Zanab with a straight face. It’s disrespectful. #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @TheTatyYomary


Zanab’s mum is such a sweetheart. Her explanation for why Cole’s family approval is important to Z makes so much sense. And I fear for the worst cause this man is so unserious about her. #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @ricksnemesis


Cole saying he wouldn’t have found Zanab outside of the pods because she’s not the type of girl he would’ve gone for but she’s the girl he needed to go for 🚩🚩🚩 #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind3

Twitter: @secretlynb


Zanab and Cole are just so uncomfortable to watch together. You can feel the dislike through the screen. #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind3

Twitter: @pheebaroo


Zanab is so gorgeous and the fact she’s being made to feel inferior because a white boy with blue eyes “prefers” white women makes me feel sick #loveisblind

Twitter: @LeanMitts


Cole is pissing me off. I don’t see how Colleen is miles above Zanab in terms of physical looks. If anything they’re both gorgeous gorgeous girls. Just say you prefer your meat more unseasoned and leave #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @HarmonySoso


Cole from Love is Blind Season 3 does not deserve Zanab. No one can tell me I’m wrong. Zanab is so fine and deserves much more. Cole just puts on a front and is always bullshitting. He is immature. Zanab bby, you are smokin 🔥 #LoveIsBlind3

Twitter: @maexio_


Zanab should stop dating white men who make her feel like she has to constantly compare herself to white women #loveisblind

Twitter: @frombretoyou


zanab is letting a man with mold and mildew rings in his toilet stress her out. let us pray! #LoveisBlind3 #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @thatgirlsamxo


Zanab comparing herself to Colleen is…..the story of living in a society with a euro-centric beauty standard. Because Zanab is STUNNING!! It makes no sense to me what she is experiencing….. #Loveisblind #LoveisBlindS3

Twitter: @Runaway_Somali


I feel for Zanab. I can only imagine the levels of abandonment and trust issues that came from losing parents so young. Not to mention all the insecurities of growing up around people that don't look like you. Cole is feeding every insecurity I fear #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @_watchsunrise


ZANAB do not let a “he’s a 6 but he has blue eyes” call you a 9/10 when you’re a straight 10 #LoveisBlind #LoveisBlind3

Twitter: @trinawatters


Zanab’s problem is she expects logical adult thinking from someone whose frontal cortex just barely finished growing #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind3

Twitter: @toilet_tisha

What do you think about Zanab and Cole? Will they say yes at the altar? LMK in the comments below!

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