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15 Latin Meals So Good That Everyone Should Try Them

"My mother and her family immigrated here from Panama. I am Afro-Latina, so our culture is mixed with Latin and Caribbean. My grandmother used to make ojalda or Panamanian fried bread for breakfast when I was growing up. It was my favorite, and no one in my family makes it anymore. She passed when I was 10. I’m 31, and I can still taste the memories of breakfast at her house."

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite Latin meals their parents made for them growing up. Here's what they had to say:

1. Pupusas

plate of pupusas

2. Fufu de plátano

plate of fufu de platano

3. Ojaldas

closeup of ojaldas

4. Menudo

bowl of menudo

5. Tamales

plate of tamales

6. Champús

cups of champus

7. Enfrijoladas

plate of beans topped with crema, avocado and onions

8. Birria

bowl of birria meat with tortillas on the side

9. Sopa de fideo

pan of sopa

10. Arroz con gandules

large pot of rice

11. Curtido

hands mixing a bowl of curtido

12. Asado de Chile Colorado

closeup of meat rice and beans

13. Tamarindo

cup of tamarindo drink

14. Ceviche

bowl of ceviche

15. And finally, casamiento

plate of the beans and rice mixture

What's your favorite Latin dish? LMK in the comments below!