I'm Surprisingly Into The Latest Way That Kourtney Kardashian Showed Off Her Love For Travis Barker


    By now, you're probably well aware that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are dating.

    Kourtney and Travis holding hands

    And you've likely noticed that they're usually a littleee over the top.

    Exhibit A: A tattoo of Kourtney's name across Travis's chest.

    Exhibit B: The massive floral arrangement that he sent to her house for Valentine's Day.

    Exhibit C: The now-infamous video of Kourtney sucking Travis's thumb that, believe it or not, was intentionally shared on social media.

    So in light of all that, I was pleasantly surprised when the reality TV star showed her love in an underrated way this weekend.

    In a recent TikTok, Kourtney and her friend Addison Rae sang along to "Think About Me," a Travis Barker-produced song by jxdn.


    It’s the spins for me ... @addisonre @jadenhossler

    ♬ Tell Me About Tomorrow - jxdn

    They wore Blink-182 hoodies and sang into hairbrushes, and the whole thing was really simple and sweet.

    Apparently, Travis thought so, too! He shared a picture of Kourtney in the hoodie to his Instagram story with a heart, and then she added it to her own story with a couple emojis.

    Cute! Now, excuse me while I order that Blink-182 hoodie for myself.