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18 Tweets For Anyone Who Is Celebrating Kamala Harris So Hard Right Now

"You don’t know what this means to me and every single Black girl out there. Anything is possible!"

Kamala Harris is out here shattering glass ceilings with her heels, y'all! She is the first woman, first Black person, first Indian person, AND first HBCU grad to become the vice president-elect. That's a hell of a lot of firsts!

Kamala Harris smiling with her hand over her heart

After the news broke yesterday, people were quick to jump online and speak on the importance of this moment in herstory:


Every time I see @KamalaHarris my heart leaps with joy not only because she has made history by being the first woman #usvicepresident but she is an inspirational black woman who will inspire girls across the world to aim high ❤️



Rosa sat, so Ruby could walk, so Kamala could run. #powertoblackwomen #thedreamisalive

Bettmann Archive / Getty Images


Good news for @sendavidperdue, he no longer has to struggle with the pronunciation of @KamalaHarris’s name. I’m confident he knows how to say Madame Vice President


We had to explain, to the 5yo, why mommy was crying during @KamalaHarris's speech. And I realized that the kid has literally never seen anybody "cry for joy" in his whole little life. :(


Madam Vice President-Elect @KamalaHarris. I am so very proud of you, sis. ❤️🤍💙


I feel like our ancestors are rejoicing. For the first time, a Black and South Asian woman has been elected Vice President of the United States. My sister has made history and blazed a trail for future generations to follow. We love you, @KamalaHarris.


@KamalaHarris I love this message ❤️❤️ #KamalaHarrisVP #KamalaHarrisMadamVicePresident


Watching Kamala Harris speech with our 5 year daughter: “But there’s been girl presidents, right?” “No, but she’s the Vice President and maybe someday she’ll be the president.” 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸


Kamala and her nieces. She made SURE to bring them out front on stage tonight so they could have this experience (kinda like young Sasha and Malia in 2008). You love to see it. (📸 getty x @meenaharris)

Andrew Harnik-Pool / Getty Images


What an incredibly powerful image. The magnitude of what @KamalaHarris has achieved didn't hit me until now. Here's to progress. May we see even more of it the next four years and beyond. #BidenHarris2020


My youngest niece watching the first female Vice President-Elect, @KamalaHarris, talk about the little girls out there and how their dreams are possible. 😭


There is a black woman as the Vice President of the United States. I can barely believe I am typing this. You don’t know what this means to me and every single black girl out there. Anything is possible! Wow!


My 4 year old just yelled “BLACK GIRLS ARE WELCOME TO BE PRESIDENT!”


Excited for all the babies this year who will be named Kamala! 🥰


We call her sister, and now the nation calls her Madam Vice President! Congratulations to America's first female, first Black, and first South Asian vice president-elect Kamala Harris. You represent the new face of political power and continue to be a barrier-breaker. #OurMadamVP


Congrats to the Vice President- Elect @KamalaHarris for breaking the glass ceiling, for being a woman of substance, woman of colour and someone who finds her roots from India. This is so amazing👍This is an incredible moment for #change & #hope! #GirlPower #ting


@austinchanning My daughter will vote in 8 years. When I explained to her it could very well be for Kamala Harris as president I cried.


My daughters will never grow up in a world where there wasn't a Black woman as their Vice President. #KamalaHarris

Thank you for inspiring women and girls across the nation, Kamala!!