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    15 Immediate Turnoffs In Dating And Relationships That You'll Want To Avoid

    "Having to explain basic concepts like how apologizing works. Ugh."

    It's no secret that dating in this day and age can be tough. Like, REALLY tough.

    Luckily for us, Reddit user u/RealGangsters posed the question, "What instantly turns you off?" Here are some of the most popular responses to keep in mind the next time you're out on date:

    1. "Littering. I once knew a girl who was quite lovely in every way until we got somewhere and she just threw rubbish out the window. I've never understood why you can't keep your rubbish until you find somewhere to put it."


    2. "Bad hygiene."


    "My ex flipped his shit when I told him he should wash his dick because it smelled so awful that I would actually gag. Then, he smelled worse and worse. I just couldn't do it. There were many other reasons for our breakup, but that was part of it."


    3. "People who believe they can do no wrong / take no responsibility for themselves or their actions."


    "Having to explain basic concepts like how apologizing works. Ugh."


    4. "People with no manners. I can’t stand rude people."


    5. "People whose whole personality is, 'I don't eat vegetables or drink water.'"


    6. "Insulting someone for taking pleasure in something. On first dates, I've heard the following examples: 'Why would anyone read a book they don't have to?' and 'I broke up with my previous girlfriend because she liked comic books.'"


    7. "People who are mean to animals. You don’t have to like animals, but you better show them respect as another living creature."


    8. "Choosing negativity. I am not talking about any mental illness — that's very serious stuff — but about people who intentionally see the worst in people and the world around them. People who get mad at every little thing."

    "I had an ex whose train would be 15 minutes delayed and he would be like, 'Wow fucking train company, you ruined my evening. I'll be angry for the rest of the day now,' even though he didn't have any obligations. Oh no, you can sit at home and do absolutely nothing 15 minutes later now. What a shame."


    9. "Loud chewers."


    "Especially when they leave their mouth open, ugh."


    10. "When someone who cannot handle alcohol refuses to accept that and continues to belligerently drink every time they have the chance, only to puke and act super annoying."


    11. "Lack of humility."


    "Prideful people are such a pain to be around."


    12. "Coming on strong when they’ve literally just met me. Freaks me out, and I instinctively want to run in the other direction."


    13. "When it comes to online dating, an instant turnoff for me is when a girl says in her bio all the things she doesn't want in a man."

    "It's like she's already setting up a list of rules and demands, and that is a huge red flag. Not even being able to go with the flow and naturally get to know someone."


    14. "When I get the feeling I'm a candidate applying for a job."


    15. And finally, "People who always have to flex about everything or show on social media how they bought a bag, how expensive they’re eating, or, 'Look, I’m traveling to X, what about you?' Gives me desperate-for-attention vibes. YUCK."


    What's your immediate turnoff? Sound off in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.