20 "Harry Potter" Characters Who Were Essential To The Plot But Unforgivably Left Out Of The Movies

    Justice for Peeves!

    The Harry Potter movies were basically my whole childhood. The films stay true to the spirit of the books, and they really bring the story to life. Plus, they introduced Emma Watson to the world, which we will forever be grateful for.

    But my beef with the movies is they cut out SO MUCH detail. Of course, the films cannot cover EVERYTHING that the books do. But the movies do some characters dirty by cutting them from the story entirely. So let's go back and recognize the characters who absolutely deserved to be in the movies.

    1. Teddy Lupin symbolizes a brighter future, and he should have been included in the "19 years later" scene.

    2. Charlie Weasley is a freakin' WEASLEY. Of course he deserves to be in the movies!

    3. Ariana Dumbledore is the reason why Albus Dumbledore turns into the man we know and love.

    4. Ludo Bagman is a fun character who would have brought some more playful vibes to the movies.

    5. Peeves would have added some much-needed comic relief to the films.

    6. Winky's story deserves to be told because it highlights the issue of house-elf enslavement.

    7. Merope Gaunt is crucial to understanding Voldemort's backstory.

    8. Marvolo Gaunt should be called out for his blood purity obsession.

    9. Professor Binns might be a ghost, but he's still a Hogwarts professor dammit.

    10. Marietta Edgecombe needs to be remembered as the snake she is.

    11. Andromeda Tonks deserves some screen time as much as her sisters Bellatrix and Narcissa.

    12. Dennis Creevey is a little sweetheart who just loves Harry.

    13. Frank and Alice Longbottom lose their sanity while being tortured. They fully deserve to be recognized in the movies.

    14. Augusta Longbottom is a formidable witch who would have made a badass addition to the strong women in the films.

    15. Hepzibah Smith is the owner of Hufflepuff's cup and Slytherin's locket, and that makes her 100% essential to the story.

    16. Hokey's death further reveals the exploitation of house-elves.

    17. Bob Odgen is literally the reason why Voldemort exists.

    18. The Muggle Prime Minister meeting Fudge would have made a way better opening scene for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince than Death Eaters randomly flying around and destroying a bridge.

    19. Rodolphus Lestrange is kind of replaced by Voldemort as Bellatrix's main man in the movies, but she is married y'all.

    20. And finally, Regulus Black absolutely should have been in the movies. He regrets following Voldemort and dies to make up for his actions.

    Which Harry Potter characters do you wish were included in the movies? Let me know in the comments below!