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The "Harry Potter" Movies Did These Characters Dirty, And We're Still Mad About It

Justice for Ginny!

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which Harry Potter characters were better in the books. Here are some of the characters who deserved so much more:

1. Ron Weasley

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"In the books, he was so well rounded. He had a tendency to make rash decisions and was constantly dealing with the jealousy that came with being the Chosen One's best friend. But at the same time, he was highly skilled in his own right, always tried his best to be a good friend, and provided a sense of comfort and familiarity that we as readers needed. The movies downgraded him to the trusty sidekick and made him one-dimensional with his one-liners. It was the biggest disappointment."


"In the movies, his only personality trait is food. It’s honestly really sad."


2. Ginny Weasley

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"She's such a smart, funny character in the books. She helps lead the resistance. She's a brilliant Quidditch player, and she absolutely roasts Ron in the funniest way. In the movies, she got completely watered down to the point where she only exists to be Harry's girlfriend. Ginny deserved better."


"I will forever be mad at the way the movies portrayed Ginny. The scene where she ties Harry’s shoes in Half-Blood Prince? Worst scene in HISTORY."


3. Hermione Granger

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"They made her seem too perfect in the movies. In the books, she had flaws. She could be closed-minded, arrogant, and too logical. However, this made her seem real."


"They did a complete injustice to Hermione. After a while, they started focusing on her love life more than her actual character. They completely ignored S.P.E.W., which was an amazing storyline!"


4. Albus Dumbledore

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"Without even mentioning the differences between Richard Harris and Michael Gambon (RICHARD WAS WAY BETTER), book Dumbledore is quirky and gentle. He's a fun and strange character in the books, and all of us want to forget when he says, 'HARRYDIJAPUTYAHNAMEINTHEGOBlETOFFIRE?!'"


5. Sirius Black

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"In the books, Sirius is 21 when his best friend is murdered, and he's framed for it. He’s barely out of his teens, and he has to spend 13 years in prison. He never had the chance to grow up and develop as a person, and it adds to the tragedy of his story that this happened at such a young age. In the movies, he’s in his thirties when he goes to prison, but he still acts the same. It’s a lot less reasonable for someone who got stunted at 35 instead of 21 to be so immature."


"Sirius had a lot more depth in the books. I feel like they only used him to add drama to the plot in the movies. In the books, he was actually very helpful and cared for Harry as if he were his father!"


6. Dobby

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"He gave Harry the Gillyweed in Goblet of Fire, and he showed Harry the Room of Requirement in Order of the Phoenix. Neville did both of these in the movies. Dobby did so much for Harry in the books, and the fact that they were taken out of the movies made his death less meaningful."


7. Harry Potter

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"In the books, Harry was cool. He wasn't an unsure-of-everything, always-annoying figurehead."


8. Remus Lupin

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"He was tortured and his life was hard, but he was still kind and giving of himself. Lupin was the one who consoled Molly and Tonks when they were upset. He looked after his students and made Neville feel important and talented in his class. His main goal was always to do the right thing and protect the people he loved. In the movies, Lupin’s just grumpy and rough."


9. Tonks

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"So much of Tonks is left out of the films that she pretty much only exists to be Remus's girlfriend/wife. They left out how she was a spunky, fun witch who loved bright colors and talking back. They don't explore how she develops such a close bond with Ginny that she preferred Tonks as a potential sister-in-law to Fleur. They don't even explain why she can change her hair color and face at will, and her hair is only shown in natural colors after the fifth film! Her relationship with Remus is a footnote. She may as well have been left out of the films altogether."


10. Kreacher

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"In the books, he starts off rude, but then he becomes so sweet and caring of Harry. He even acknowledges Hermione, which is big for him. He also leads the house-elves in the Battle of Hogwarts!"


11. Luna Lovegood

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"In the books, she is loud and weird and has so much personality. In the movies, she's just a quiet, dreamy girl with barely any lines. I related to her a lot in the books as a weird, embarrassing teen. Movie Luna just seemed high."


12. Neville Longbottom

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"Neville was a joke in the films, but there was so much more to him in the books. We learn that he didn't have his own wand, which explains why he struggled at school. He was so brave, and yet the films just laughed at him until Deathly Hallows Part 2."


13. The Weasley twins

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"Fred and George were good in the movies, but they were brilliant in the books. Their characters were way more prominent and had actual storylines, and I feel like they interacted with Ron more, too. In the movies, they just come and go for comic relief, and loads of scenes are glossed over or just left out entirely. It's very surface level and disappointing, when they could have been much more fleshed out and made a bigger impact in the movies."


14. Cho Chang

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"In the books, she's a sweet girl who's struggling with the trauma of Cedric's death and her blossoming feelings for Harry. The movies did her dirty by making her the one to snitch on Dumbledore's Army."


15. Colin Creevey

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"Colin Creevey got screwed over. He had an important role in the book, yet all of that went away in the movies. Colin's heroism and, later, death: all gone."


16. Lee Jordan

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"His commentary on the Quidditch games was absolutely hilarious in the books, along with Professor McGonagall telling him to shut up. The movies really didn't do him justice."


17. Percy Weasley

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"I’m not a huge Percy fan, but he had no redemption in the movies – or even a fallout. He just kind of disappeared in the movies and came back. They never really explained his falling out with his family or the importance of him coming to the Battle of Hogwarts. And he was the one who was with Fred when he died!"


18. Mad-Eye Moody

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"In the movies, Mad-Eye Moody was so much less friendly with Harry. He was a little too tough. In the books, Moody gave Harry the photo of the original Order, and they spent some time talking together. There wasn’t much of that in the films."


19. The Patil twins

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"Parvati and Padma are really overlooked in the movies and don’t get the attention they deserve. They even changed one of their Houses just so all the good characters could be in Gryffindor! Just because they're twins doesn’t mean they have to be in the same House!"


20. Viktor Krum

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"He could have been so much better!"


21. Nearly Headless Nick

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"Can we talk about Nearly Headless Nick and his friendship with the trio? The ghosts were just not given the depth they deserved."


22. The Potters

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"James and Lily Potter were done DIRTY."


23. And Mrs. Weasley

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"Mrs. Weasley was WAY better in the books! Harry's entire relationship with the Weasley family didn't get the screen time and effort it needed to establish the fact that Mrs. Weasley became Harry's mother figure. So much so that the boggart in Grimauld Place turns into Harry's dead body, along with the rest of her family, which is her worst fear. Molly Weasley is a queen who doesn't get the love she deserves."


Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Which Harry Potter character do you think was better in the books than in the movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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