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    14 Reasons Why "Harry Potter" Will Always Be Superior To "Twilight"

    Harry > Bella. I said what I said.

    Hi there! Huge Potterhead here. Let me start out by saying I have nothing against Twilight. I even had a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen in my room in middle school, but we don't need to dwell on that.

    Now, I believe there's more than enough room in our hearts for us to love both Harry Potter and Twilight. But I CANNOT STAND when someone tries to tell me that the Twilight saga is the better series. So let's settle this once and for all by taking a look at all the reasons why Harry Potter is superior:

    1. The friendships are SO MUCH stronger.

    Ron, Harry, and Hermione, and Alice and Bella

    2. The world-building is freaking incredible.

    Hogwarts castle at night

    3. The villains are super complex and three-dimensional.

    Voldemort holding his wand, and Aro laughing

    4. Harry is a wayyyy better role model than Bella.

    Harry in the Triwizard Tournament and Bella sitting sadly in her room

    5. The main characters have distinct, lovable personalities.

    Hermione, Harry, and Ron standing together

    6. Harry understands that sacrifices need to be made to triumph over evil.

    Sirius and Harry together, and Bella, Renesemee, and Edward together

    7. There are so many inspiring heroines! You can take your pick.

    Ginny, Hermione, and Luna

    8. The characters are nuanced just like people are in real life.

    Ron standing in a suit

    9. There are so many captivating magical creatures.

    10. The supporting characters have fascinating backstories.

    Dobby snapping his fingers and sending sparks into the air

    11. The plot twists are wild and unpredictable.

    Snape and Renesmee

    12. The character development makes me so damn proud.

    Remus standing with Tonks

    13. Relationships are built on connection and not just looks.

    Ginny and Harry standing together

    14. And finally, it's just better written.

    Harry Potter books stacked together

    Why do you think the Harry Potter series is better than the Twilight saga? Let me know in the comments below!

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