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27 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Halloweentown" For The First Time As An Adult

"Halloween is cool."

It's been 22 years since the masterpiece that is Halloweentown hit Disney Channel.

Growing up, this film got me in the spirit even more than trick-or-treating. So, I decided to celebrate the spooky season by watching my favorite Halloween movie for the first time as an adult!

Here are all the thoughts that flew through my head while I was watching it:

1. Wow! Marnie is starting us off with some SASS.

Marnie saying that her mom is protecting them from becoming anything but a bunch of vegetables, then pretending to be a potato, and mimicking her mom saying even that's too dangerous

2. But I am definitely digging her sheer, yellow button-up and colorful scrunchie. How '90s!

Marnie wearing a bright, see-through button-up over a dark tank top with a scrunchie holding up her hair

3. If you don't like Halloween, you can't be my friend. Sorry, Marnie's brother, those are the rules.

Dylan asking why Marnie is so obsessed with Halloween

4. Marnie's sister is such a mood here.

Sophie saying she really wants a cookie

5. So the mom was just gonna hide Marnie's powers until they went away forever? I suspect that would have led to a lifetime of trust issues once her daughter found out.

Marnie's mom looking angry

6. Ayyy, we made it to Halloweentown! But I kinda wish Marnie left Dylan at home. He's dragging down the vibe.

Marnie and Dylan next to the giant pumpkin

7. LOL, this joke flew over my head as a kid.

The skeleton taxi driver saying that Halloweentown is better than a lot of graveyards he's hung out in

8. Call me old-fashioned, but I am not a fan of witches making potions in the microwave.

Grandma putting a cauldron in the microwave

9. Ohhhh, sick burn, Marnie.

Luke saying that he's a big cheese around here and asking Marnie if she wants to get ice cream with him. Marnie replying that she was hungry until she smelled some stinky cheese

10. I'm legit gonna start calling everyone I don't like wieners from now on.

Broom salesman saying, "That Luke dude! He's turned into such a wiener."

11. I feel like keeping a caged crow in the corner of your office is a good indicator that you're low-key a creep.

Crow sitting in a cage

12. Does Kalabar always keep a single dead rose on his desk in case a pretty lady comes by?

13. Nooo, don't fall for it, Grandma!!

Luke saying that the bad guy wants to meet Grandma and asking if she's too afraid. She replies, "I don't fera him or any creature. Take me to him."

14. Can I just say how much I love this nickname?

Sophie pointing out the window and saying, "Grandma's going somewhere with the wiener dude."

15. HA! Monster-Kalabar telling Luke to shut up is so satisfying.

Monster-Kalabar saying, "Will you shut up?"

16. Ooh la la! This hairdresser is welcome to trim my shrub anytime.

Handsome hairdresser trimming a woman's hair that's shaped like a bush

17. Sophie lets the dog off his leash to chase away the skeleton?! This girl is a GENIUS.

Sophie letting the dog off the leash and saying, "Fetch the bone!" and the dog running after the skeleton, who drives away

18. Wow, Soph saves the day again! No offense, Marnie, but your little sister is really stealing the show right now.

Marnie saying that she can't remember Grandma's spell, and Sophie saying that she made up a song to remember it

19. Hell yeah! Marnie's out here taking a stand against fuckboys everywhere!

Luke saying, "About what happened earlier..." and Marnie saying, "Save your tricks, twerp."

20. How come Monster-Kalabar can chill in the sunlight now when it hurt him before? This should have been explained.

Monster-Kalabar outside City Hall

21. Why is he acting like he's such a prize? Honestly confused here.

Kalabar saying, "You could have had me! You could have ruled with me as my queen!"

22. Marnie, you are a queen, but your insults need some work, girl.

Marnie yelling, "Hey, chocolate bar!"

23. Ummm, excuse me. How did I never notice Grandma casually strolling up to the jack-o'-lantern and plopping Merlin's talisman in? Are you telling me Marnie crawled up there and fainted on top of the pumpkin for nothing?!!

Grandma inserting the talisman into the pumpkin from the ground

24. Nooo, Marnie! Don't give in! Luke doesn't deserve your magical kisses!

Marnie kissing Luke on the cheek

25. Remembering my VHS collection is making me feel really old, guys.

Marnie saying, "I have all the Frankenstein movies on video!"

26. Okay, this kid has been a good guy for like two seconds. Why are we trusting him to safely transport dozens of people across worlds?

Luke saying, "All aboard to the mortal world."

27. And Grandma's moving to the mortal world so my favorite Cromwell witches can stay together! What a ~magical~ ending.

Marnie and Grandma smiling on the bus

Well, this movie was even better than I remembered! After all these years, Marnie is still a boss ass witch.

Marnie is her flowy costume with a witch's hat

How do you feel about Halloweentown? LMK in the comments below!