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    Women Asked Questions They Always Wondered About Men, And Guys Did Not Hold Back In Their Answers

    "What does a male orgasm feel like?"

    As a woman, there are naturally some things I've never understood about being a man. But that doesn't mean I'm not curious!


    Well, Reddit user u/William84000 recently posed the question, "Women of Reddit, what question do you have of men that you'd really like an answer to?"

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    Lots of women submitted their questions, and tons of men responded! So here are the best takeaways from this educational Q&A:

    1. "What does it feel like when you're having sex, and you're trying not to 'get there'? Is it frustrating? What do you do/think about to keep it from happening?" —u/uhohoreolas

    "I sometimes do math like 333x3. But often, I am fine with just controlling things to focus mostly on her pleasure instead of mine. Though, sometimes, she is excited and ends up moving in unaccounted ways while I am a hair away from orgasming, and there is no stopping it. I definitely don't find it frustrating. It is still very enjoyable."


    2. "Do guys really care that much about boob and butt size?" —u/DQ608

    "The shape of a woman's body I find really attractive, but none of it has to be big at all."


    3. "How long does it take to recover if you’ve been hit in the balls?" —u/Snowy-avocado

    "Anywhere from 5 minutes to literally turning to dust like we were Thanos-snapped."


    "Let’s say you are indirectly hit by like a foam football made for children. You’d be out for a good minute. You get kicked or punched by a grown man or woman at full force? You’d be out for like a good two days."


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    4. "What does a male orgasm feel like?" —u/Rich-Bowler-6518

    "For me, there is this warm feeling building up, from the base, like hot water flowing up the shaft, then I get this tingling sensation all over it. It feels like blood flows out of my finger tips and brain, into my loins. I try to hold it in, then BOOM. Everything gets released at once, a satisfying warm feeling that only lasts a couple of seconds."


    "I’d like to add to that description by saying that the contractions are the main pleasure. The contractions that push the sperm out. At least for me. It’s a very concentrated point at the base, at the PC muscle."


    5. "Do penises float like a buoy?" —u/TheFantasticV

    "I mean, it's buoyant, but it can't really do much besides lazily sorta half float there."


    "Less like a buoy and more like your hand relaxed in the bath. There's the slightest bit of upward flotation, but that's about it."


    6. "How much are guys comparing our bodies to porn stars when you see us naked? How much do things like cellulite, stretch marks, and other blemishes disappoint?" —u/Princessfootinmouth

    "A good number of us don't compare bodies. We know that porn isn't like the real thing, and that porn stars do certain things to get ready for the cameras."


    "Honestly, porn is like a movie for me. Nothing I see is triggering real expectations. When I was with my first girlfriend, she told me about her scars, how she gained weight, cellulite, and so on. I never cared about stuff like that because those are not the reason you love/hate someone. First time I got to see all that, she was a solid 12/10 for me, could not care less."


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    7. "Are compliments from your girlfriends just as impactful or more impactful than from a random woman?" —u/TrueLynnlyn

    "How about both? Both are good. If my partner does it a lot, it can start to feel less special because I start to think they are just saying it. But apart from that, when you notice something genuine, heap them on! Random women can have a big impact depending on the situation, mostly because they are just so rare."


    8. "When you get into really cold water, do your nuts disappear into your body?" —u/Own_Space2923

    "Nope. They get really snug. The sack gets really tense and kind of hardens a little. Nothing dangles at this point. Just compact."


    9. "Why are so many straight men attracted to lesbian sex?" —u/awkwardpoet42

    "It's more women and zero dicks."


    "I’d also like to add that it’s easier to find lesbian porn where the women are visibly enjoying it, rather than the bad acting of most straight porn."


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    10. "How can I perfect my blowjob game? What are the basic dos and don'ts? What can take it to over-the-top mind-blowing?" —u/Princessfootinmouth

    "Enthusiasm more than anything. A cock is a pretty simple machine: stick it in something warm and wet and move it around, and it will eventually go off. There's no 'three turns counter-clockwise, two short tugs, one long tug, eureka' code. If he sees that you absolutely love having his cock in your mouth, he'll love it. Also, get sloppy with it. Don't worry about swallowing your spit or your eyes watering. To quote Chris Rock, 'Suck that dick like the antidote is in it!'"


    11. "Do single men remain friends with single women if they have no interest in dating or sleeping with them? Or are they maintaining that friendship because they’re hoping for more at some point?" —u/jujube912

    "It really depends. I don't maintain friendships just in the hopes to have sex one day. I have some friends I'm never going to have sex with (because I don't want to), and others I wouldn't mind to have sex with. But this doesn't make or break the friendship since I'm not friends with them just to have sex once."


    12. "What makes you feel loved?" —u/linedizzy

    "A compliment, a hug or a kiss we don't have to initiate."


    "Intimate physical contact without sex. Play with my hair and just run your hands over my head, put my head in your lap, etc."


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    13. "Do noticeably asymmetrical breasts turn you off?" —u/bbyb0ne

    "In the majority of cases, it really doesn't matter. If we liked you/found you attractive enough to get naked with you in the first place, something silly like that is hardly a deal breaker."


    "I have never heard a guy say he cared about them being different. Boobs are boobs, man. All boobs are great!"


    14. "Does a beard actually make your face noticeably warmer when it’s cold?" —u/LadySygerrik

    "For me, any beard warmth is derived by blocking the wind more than anything else."


    "Warmer might be the wrong word. It just gets less cold. It's not really something you notice a lot unless it's pretty chilly. It's 10°C at the moment; my face and neck are fine, but my feet feel cold when sitting outside."


    15. "Does body hair on a woman bother you that much?" –u/reillydean28

    "Leg/arm hair? Don't even notice. Armpit hair? Not my thing, but not my choice/decision. Pubic hair? I'd prefer not to have a mouthful of it, but it's not going to stop me from getting the job done."


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    16. And finally, "What's the top thing you wish we understood about you?" —u/AphelionEntity

    "We don't do hints or subtlety. We also aren't mind readers. 'How are you?' 'I'm fine.' Quit using that phrase to mean 'Something is wrong, please ask me about it.'"


    "That sometimes just being with you and not talking doesn’t mean I’m grumpy or that I don’t want to be around you."


    What's something you've always wondered about the opposite sex? LMK in the comments below!

    Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.