This Father And Son Duo Paint Black Women As The Queens They Are, And The Results Are Amazing

    "Seeing how my own mother carries herself helps me better convey how crowns are to be worn."

    Meet Jeromyah Jones and his father, Jerome W. Jones Jr. These Richmond-based artists are paying tribute to the strong Black women in their lives and around the world with a series called "Reflections of the Black Queen."

    Jeromyah and his father Jerome in collared shirts and ties

    Jeromyah told BuzzFeed that they have focused on painting not only the women they know, but the Black women we should ALL know, like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (the first woman president of Liberia) and Tayari Jones (the author of An American Marriage).

    Painting of four women in dresses standing together underneath a tree

    "This series shows the elegance, brilliance, and majesty of women whose gifts transform their environments," he said.

    Painting of a woman grinning with earrings, a necklace, and a long-sleeve

    He explained that each woman's presence transformed "her surrounding that's local to look like a land that’s new and global."

    Painting of a woman standing with a scene behind her including a bridge over water

    Jeromyah said the series is deeply significant to him "because I know women have the power to influence society because they naturally gave birth to it. As artists, we believe that the way we paint them could shape how they are seen and how they see themselves."

    Painting of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the former president of Liberia, in different outfits

    He and his father share a deep hope that their art will "let women of all ages know that royalty is not restricted to inheritance, marriage, pageantry, possessions of palaces, or positions of power."

    Painting of a group of women sitting around a quilt on the grass and looking up at sky filled with clouds and words

    "These reflections of royalty from various generations of women were created to raise our level of respect for who they are," he continued.

    Painting of Oprah smiling and painting

    He also revealed how his mom has influenced his art. "Seeing how my own mother carries herself helps me better convey how crowns are to be worn."

    Painting of a woman wearing a crown and a regal dress

    When asked what he hopes little girls see when they look at these paintings, Jeromyah responded, "We want them to know that 'The Beautiful One Has Come.'" That's the name of this painting and the title of a poem written by his father.

    Painting of a girl's bedroom and a bed with Black dolls on top

    Thank you, Jeromyah and Jerome, for highlighting Black women so beautifully in your art!

    You can find more of Jeromyah and Jerome's work here.