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15 Entitled People Who Demanded Free Stuff For The Most Ridiculous, Outrageous Reasons

"Need framers that want to work for free. I'm willing to teach someone free of charge. Thanks in advance. P.S. Bring your own waters."

1. This person who wanted someone to deep clean their house in exchange for letting them do it live on social media:

someone asking to have their house deep cleaned for free

2. This person who wanted a free live-in nanny...

the post listening all the responsibilities

...and dog-walker:

photo of the single room they would stay in

3. This person who wrote an Operation Santa letter asking for a red Cadillac:

a 2010-2012 cadillac srx is what they write and ask for

4. This person who wanted to take over someone's kitchen and kick them out of it:

the post asking people for a kitchen to use

5. This person who wanted coats for her granddaughters — as long as they're not from Walmart:

person starts to ask for the free items by saying, i have tried this group a few time for help and not with a single response

6. This person who wanted labor in exchange for "teaching":

house being built with an ad for free workers that will help to finish

7. This person who wanted someone to carry musical equipment around all day:

someone replies, word of advice you probably can't expect someone to commit to a whole day and not get paid for it

8. This person who wanted a band to perform at her wedding — but it's all good because she "pays in influence":

long message to say they would be happy to tag the band on social media and leave a positive review

9. This person who asked for cough medicine — but only brand-name, please:

hey what's up is there any one that would be willing to help me with some cough meds

10. This person who wanted a $500 phone as a donation or in exchange for services...

on a post they say, could you donate it or trade for baby sitting or animal sitting

...and thought their religion meant they should get it for free...

person says they're looking for the kindness god had for them

...but decided the seller was "selfish" for saying no:

it's very clear you're not only an atheist you're selfish

11. This person who wanted a dog trainer to donate their time and energy, just because:

just moved into the area and have a full grown collie with no training and i would like someone to help me for free

12. This person who wanted someone to take care of their horses:

unfortunately i'm not in a position to pay

13. This person who wanted a (preferably blue) Prius from their local Buy Nothing group:

post listing what they want in the car for free

14. This person who wanted a couch (with specific requirements, of course):

i'm in search of a free couch preferably not leather or tacky please

15. And finally, this person who actually got a free gift with their order...

customer service tells the person they can't change out the gift because it was a free gift

...then demanded a "refund" for the value of the gift:

person says they'll take it up with paypal if they don't refund the money, even though it was free

Whew! Lots of entitled people in 2023. Let's hope we see far less of this crap in 2024!