Dwayne Johnson Keeps Getting Pranked By His Daughters, And The Videos Are So Freaking Funny

    "You just gotta laugh it off. You've only got a finite amount of time, so I'm girl dad all the way."

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be a huge Hollywood actor, but his number one job? Being a dad!

    A closeup of Dwayne smiling at a red carpet premiere

    On last night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor shared that his youngest kids love playing a game he finds "terrifying."

    Dwayne said, "We play their favorite game. It's called Daddy, Close Your Eyes. And what comes after that is whatever comes"

    One round of the game ended up with The Rock's daughters giving him a unibrow, mustache, and goatee. LOL!

    Then, Jimmy shared a video of Dwayne's daughter running into his bedroom at 7 a.m. (!!!) yelling, "Close your eyes!" The actor agrees to play the game and says, "I trust you."

    "Three, two, one," she counts down as she pulls out a WATER BALLOON...

    ...then pops it on his FACE!

    Look at that reaction, LOL!

    But Dwayne is such a good sport and just starts laughing. What a sweet dad!

    "You just gotta laugh it off," Dwayne told Jimmy. "When they're this age, I'm in it. You've only got a finite amount of time, so I'm girl dad all the way. Daddy, close your eyes? I'm doing it."

    A proud dad who adores his daughters and laughs through their silly pranks? We love to see it!