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    People Are Calling Out The Most Disappointing Cities They've Visited, And I Apologize If Your Hometown Is On This List

    "Everything cost money, even if I wanted to piss or drink water."

    A little while ago, Reddit user u/0_7_0 posed the question, "What city disappointed you the most when visiting?"

    And there were quite a few responses that caught me by surprise! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. Amsterdam

    Buildings on the edge of a canal

    2. Hollywood

    Cars driving towards Hollywood Blvd with hills in the background

    3. Naples, Italy

    An overhead shot of the waterfront with mountains in the background

    4. Paris

    The Eiffel Tower

    5. Marrakesh, Morocco

    The rooftops of homes in Marrakesh with mountains in the background

    6. Houston

    City skyscrapers behind a park and trees

    7. Beijing

    Large geometrical building in between skyscrapers

    8. New Orleans

    People walking down Bourbon Street

    9. Venice

    Buildings and hotels on the side of a canal

    10. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

    A canal with skyscrapers in the background

    11. Atlantic City

    Overhead shot of Atlantic City

    12. Bali

    Temple on a cliff surrounded by the ocean

    13. Brussels

    Large cathedral with trees blocking the full view

    14. Las Vegas

    Las Vegas overhead show with their version of the Eiffel Tower

    15. Niagara Falls (New York and Ontario)

    The waterfall with the cityscape in the background

    16. Manila

    A night shot of the Manila skyline which is filled with skyscrapers

    17. Cairo

    Cairo's skyline

    18. San Francisco

    View of Golden Gate Bridge over the water

    19. Philadelphia

    The Philly skyline

    20. Athens

    Ruins blocked off with buildings behind them

    21. And finally, New York City

    Skyscrapers and a view of the street below

    Have you ever visited a city that totally disappointed you? LMK in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.