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Demi Lovato Just Went Through A Halloween Drive-Thru, And I'm So Glad She's Enjoying Herself Again

"It's exactly what I needed."

Demi Lovato has had a pretty rough 2020.

Demi with her hair down

You might remember she started dating actor Max Ehrich back in March.

Demi and Max holding hands and walking together

They got engaged in July and were super public about their lovey-dovey feelings for one another.

Demi wearing a mask, and Max smiling and covering his mouth in a car

Then, the pair suddenly broke off the engagement in September and removed pictures of each other from their social media accounts.

Demi and Max holding hands and walking together

Well, after that whole whirlwind, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer is ready for a fun Halloween season.

Demi wearing an animal print dress

Last night, the 28-year-old and her bestie Matthew Scott Montgomery visited Nights of the Jack, a Halloween experience in Calabasas.

Tiny pumpkins hanging from a tree

Demi shared videos of the night on her Instagram story. "It is the cutest! This is wild," she said as they reached the entrance. "Halloween in a pandemic, but they're killing it though."

Giant Jack O' Lantern and cars turning into the drive for the pumpkin viewing

The "OK Not to Be OK" singer and her BFF especially loved the adorable Bikini Bottom pumpkins that portrayed SpongeBob and Patrick.

Pumpkins in the shape of Spongebob and Patrick

"I'm literally in Heaven. I'm staying the night. You can leave me here," she joked as they reached pumpkins in the shape of aliens and a flying saucer.

Aliens and a flying saucer made of pumpkins

"It's so wholesome and cute, and I'm having so much fun. It's exactly what I needed."

Giant orange skull

So happy that you're taking a moment to enjoy yourself, Demi! Wishing you all the best!!