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    Demi Lovato Shared The Best Part About Being Single, And I Think Everyone Should Read This

    This woman is so inspiring.

    Unless you live under a rock, you probably remember Demi Lovato's whirlwind relationship with Max Ehrich.

    Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich
    Kevin Mazur / Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

    Within six months, they went from gushing over each other on social media to a quick engagement to calling it quits.

    Demi and Max hugging and leaning in for a kiss

    Though Max seemed to have a rough time over the breakup, Demi hasn't let it slow her down. Since she said, "I don't," the artist has dropped new music, hosted an awards show, and wowed us with a stunning new haircut.

    Well, Demi recently posted a beautiful message about single life on her Instagram story! She wrote, "The best part about being single is knowing that my happiness is coming from no other person than myself."

    A picture of her quote

    Yas, girl! Love that she is taking ownership of her happiness!


    Thanks for reminding us that we don't need anyone else to make us happy! We can be happy all by ourselves!

    Demi Lovato / Giphy / Via

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