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    Courteney Cox Revealed The Organization Level Of Her Kitchen, And It's 100% Monica-Approved

    Monica would be proud!

    If you've seen even one episode of the iconic show Friends, you probably remember that Monica Geller was a TOTAL neat freak.

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    Well, Courteney Cox — who brought the character to life — posted a recent video to Instagram that made me want to channel my inner Monica.

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    "Tell me you're a Monica without telling me you're a Monica. I'll go first," she said while Outkast's "So Fresh, So Clean" played in the background.

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    The actor responded by pulling out a cooking utensil drawer where EVERYTHING had its own home and was perfectly in its place!

    Courteney Cox /

    Imagine not spending a whole five minutes rifling through your drawer to find what you're looking for.

    Then, she opened her spice drawer, where EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT was in a matching container. And each one was LABELED!

    Courteney Cox /

    My laziness could never.

    And then, she opened her pantry door and revealed EVEN MORE organization!!

    Courteney Cox /

    MAJOR props to Courteney for finding the energy to fill up each of these containers after she gets home from the grocery store. Just going food shopping is enough of a chore for me.

    Naturally, people in the comments were obsessed. Musician Joe Sumner joked, "Monica is such a Courteney."

    Courteney Cox /

    One fan wrote that Courteney "was born" to play Monica:

    Courteney Cox /

    And actor Sarah Hyland wrote that she had an organizational orgasm:

    Courteney Cox /

    Thanks for giving us some kitchen inspiration, Courteney! Now, excuse me while I try to organize my life.

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