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    I Am Absolutely Living For This Twitter Exchange Between Chrissy Teigen And The Weeknd

    "What a ride that was."

    By now, you might have heard The Weeknd had a pretty rough week. The Grammy nominations were announced, but his name was shockingly absent from the list. Yes, you read that right: The guy with a record-breaking album AND the most-streamed song of 2020 didn't get a single nom!

    The 30-year-old even called out the Grammys on Twitter, and it quickly garnered over a million likes:

    The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...

    The Weeknd/ Twitter: @theweeknd

    Well, after all that, Chrissy Teigen stepped in and hopefully gave him something to smile about!

    On Sunday, the model posted on Twitter that she was "going bonkers" trying to figure out the name of one of The Weeknd's jams that played on the radio:

    Going bonkers trying to figure out a song I just heard twice the morning on the radio. Sounded like The Weeknd but cannot finddddddddd on iTunes. GOING CRAZY, it was on Sirius 47 the heat

    Chrissy Teigen: Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    She even listened to just about every one of his songs trying to identify it:

    I have listened to I THINK every weeknd song for a few seconds to try to figure out, to the point where I forget what the song I’m looking for even sounds like AND AM DOUBTING IT’S THE WEEKND AHHHHHH

    Chrissy Teigen/ Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    Then, she revealed it played again on the radio but finished before she could Shazam it:

    Then it played AGAIN as we were going into a parking garage and stopped before we could Shazam. Phew, the anguish

    Chrissy Teigen/ Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    Fans quickly replied to Chrissy's dilemma. Some offered helpful phone hints on how to Shazam faster:

    @chrissyteigen Shazam is now a part of the iPhone control center (it’s called music recognition). I added it and it’s been a sanity saver when I hear a new song on the radio and I can just swipe the control center down and it sends a notification with the song name/artist.

    Others urged her to hum the tune:

    And some people naturally made jokes:

    @chrissyteigen Welcome to the 1980s Here’s what you do - listen to the radio nonstop for next 48-72 hours with your walkman wired to the speaker out and hit record when it comes on - voila. If your walkman doesn’t record just hope the DJ says song name. They may not - in which case - Repeat

    Well, The Weeknd himself saw Chrissy's tweets! He asked if it was "Save Your Tears," a song off the aforementioned incredible album, After Hours:

    was it save your tears? 🤞🏾🤞🏾

    The Weeknd/ Twitter: @theweeknd

    And Chrissy excitedly responded that it was! Hooray:


    Chrissy Teigen/ Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    The Weeknd replied with a gif of some dancing women with an '80s vibe, which was the PERFECT response since After Hours was influenced by that era:

    The Weeknd/ Twitter: @theweeknd

    Fans were super stoked that The Weeknd was able to solve the mystery:


    @chrissyteigen You don't even need to shazam it, you get the singer to tell you 😂💓

    Chrissy even responded to that last tweet by apologizing and saying she "was desperate." IDK about you, but I would lose my shit if she replied to me personally!!!

    @thecoldestrain lol sorry! was desperate

    What do you think about Chrissy and The Weeknd's exchange? LMK in the comments below!