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Chrissy Teigen Got A New Tattoo To Remember Her Son Jack After Her Pregnancy Loss, And It's So Beautiful

"Jack will always be loved, explained to our kids as existing in the wind and trees and the butterflies they see."

In September, Chrissy Teigen shared that she'd lost her third baby after weeks of pregnancy complications.

She took a break from social media as love and support poured in from fans and celebrity friends around the world.

Chrissy Teigen in a deep cut dress with sequins and pearls
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old shared an essay she wrote about the experience of losing her baby, named Jack.

Chrissy Teigen wearing a shimmery metallic dress
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

She said, "Jack will always be loved, explained to our kids as existing in the wind and trees and the butterflies they see."

Now, Chrissy has another way to remember her son: a beautiful tattoo.

Chrissy Teigen in a blazer with bright lipstick
David Livingston / Getty Images

Last night, the model shared a moment of her date night with husband John Legend. The pic showed the couple holding hands across a table. Written in script across her wrist is the name Jack.

Chrissy Teigen/ Twitter: @chrissyteigen

The memorial tattoo is located above the family ink already on her arm, which reads John, Luna, Miles for her husband and two children. John's matching tat reads Chrissy, Luna, Miles.

Chrissy's new tattoo inspired many people to share their own experiences with pregnancy loss in the comments. One woman wrote that she's been searching for the right ink to represent her stillborn son for 13 years:

@chrissyteigen I’ve been trying to find the best tattoo to represent my stillborn son for 13 years. I love your tattoo for jack.

Chrissy kindly responded, "Let's help you find something you love":

@engineer820 Let’s help you find something you love. Maybe one s shape, a swirl of air around you.

Chrissy Teigen/ Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Thank you, Chrissy, for sharing your story and trying to help others with similar experiences. Sending so much love to you and your family. ❤️

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